Ula\"ula - Red. Melemele - Yellow. Poni - Purple. Polu - Blue. \"Ele\"ele - Black. \"Akala - Pink. \"Alani - Orange. Ke\"oke\"o - White.

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Subsequently, one may additionally ask, exactly how do you say rainbow in Hawaii?

The Answer: according to an English-Hawaiian thesaurus we discovered online, the Hawaiian word for rainbow is \"Anuenue\" (Ah-nooeh-nooeh).

Likewise, what means beautiful in Hawaiian? learn the basic word. The typical word beautiful is \"nani\". The is pronounced together nah-knee. Nani can likewise be provided for splendid and pretty.

Consequently, exactly how do you counting in Hawaiian?

Learn to count to 10 in Hawaiian: one - ʻekahi. Two - ʻelua. 3 - ʻekolu. 4 - ʻehā five - ʻelima. Six - ʻeono. Seven - ʻehiku. Eight - ʻewalu.

What walk anuenue average in Hawaiian?

The meaning the the name “Anuenueis: “Rainbow”. Categories: Hawaiian Names, Nature Names, Pacific Islander Names, Polynesian Names, Unisex Names. Offered in: Hawaiian speaking countries.

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How carry out you to speak rainbow in different languages?

In various other languages rainbow American English: rainbow. Arabic: ????? ????? Brazilian Portuguese: arco-íris. Chinese: ?? Croatian: duga. Czech: duha. Danish: regnbue. Dutch: regenboog.

What walk Lima median in Hawaiian?

lima To get to cooperate.

How do you counting to 100 in Hawaiian?

notes one hundreds - ho?okahi haneli. One dollar - ho?okahi kālā someday - ho?okahi lā one point - ho?okahi mea.

How do you counting in Samoan?

an initial of all, the words because that the numbers: tasi. » one. Ono. Sefulu ma le tasi. » ten and one (eleven) sefulu ma le lua. Selau. » hundred. Miliona. Selau ma tasi. » one hundred and one. Selau ma sefulu valu. Tasi ono fitu fitu fitu, lua tasi ono. » 16, 777, 216. Lona lua. » second. Lona luasefulu. Muamua. » first. Mulimuli. Fa\"atasi. » once.

What walk Kai typical in Hawaiian?

The surname Kai is a boy\"s surname of Hawaiian origin definition \"sea\".

What walk Moana median in Hawaiian?

Disney\"s Newest Heroine got Her name From she Polynesian Roots. According to SheKnows, Moana way \"large body of water\" in Hawaiian and also Maori (a Polynesian language). Moana is really much a Polynesian story, and it\"s clear filmmakers made great efforts to make the film\"s Polynesian roots as authentic together possible.

What does Leilani mean?

? together a girls\" surname is pronounced lay-LAH-nee. That is the Hawaiian origin, and also the definition of Leilani is \"heavenly lei; imperial child that heaven\". A \"lei\" is the familiar Hawaiian necklace of flowers, shells or feathers. That symbolizes regard and also love for the human being to whom it is given.

What does Kiara typical in Hawaiian?

Gender: Female. Origin: Hawaiian. Meaning: God\"s Gracious Gift. The name Keona way God\"s Gracious Gift and is the Hawaiian origin.

What go Nani in Hawaiian mean?

Our actors Members want to pass that follow me to you by share Hawaiian words. This week\"s native is nani, which way beauty, glory, or splendor.

What walk MAE typical in Hawaiian?

Hawaiian Dictionaries. MAE-MAE. V. To be pure; to be clean; come be there is no defilement physical or morally; to be free from any kind of wrong done to another.

What does Niko typical in Hawaiian?

With beginnings in the Hawaiian language, this name means \"one who is generous.\" Nohea. NOH-eh-ah. Nohea is frequently used. It means \"lovely\" or\" handsome.\"

What go Hei Hei average in Hawaiian?

Let\"s start with the name, Heihei (pronounced Hey Hey). If you don\"t know, among “Moana\"s” bigger definitions way \"ocean, or vast expanse that water\" in Maori and also Hawaiian. “Heihei” (sometimes Hei Hei) in the same language, method \"disturbance\" or an \"interruption from the norm.

What walk Mele median in Hawaiian?

Mele is a cognate that Fijian language meke. In valuable usage, the word can be an unified with other words, such together Mele Hula, a metered chant. The word have the right to either it is in a noun (He mele keia), or used as a verb to mean \"to chant\" or \"to sing\" (E mele mai).
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