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How come say ...beer in Italian: birra

Learning Italian for take trip or study? Let’s shot this term:

To to speak ...beer in Italian: birraSay it out loud: “beer uh

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Some an ext helpful indigenous in our Italian drink category:

...a glass the – un bicchiere di (oon bee crucial air eh)...a liter that – un litro di (lee tro dee)...beer – birra (beer uh)...red/white wine – vino rosso / bianco (roh for this reason / punishment yahn koh)bottled water – acqua imbottigliata (ahk wuh ns bō till ee ah tuh)carbonated water – con gas (gassata) (cone gaas)coffee / tea – caffè / tè (caff fay / tay)hot water – acqua calda (ahk wuh speak to duh)no ice – senza ghiaccio (sen zuh gee ah koh)water – acqua (ah kwuh)… a bottle of – una bottiglia di (oo nuh bō till" ee uh dee)….house alcohol – vino della casa (vino della cah suh)

And here’s exactly how to to speak ...beer in other languages!

Arabic–Bera (be ra)Chinese–...Píjiǔ (...Pee Jyo)Croatian–piva (pee vuh)Czech–pivo (pee vo)Finnish–…olutta (oh lut tah)French–bière (bee airh)German–bier (beeya)Italian–birra (beer uh)Japanese–…Bīru (…Bee Roo)Korean–… Maekju (… Maek Joo)Polish–piwo (pee" vo)Portuguese–...Cerveja (...sehr vay juh)Russian–piva (pee vah)Spanish–cerveza (sair vay suh)Swahili–bia (beer)Thai–Bia (bee-ah)Turkish–bira (beer uh)Vietnamese–… Bia (… Beeuh)

"...beer" (birra) is a common beverage in plenty of cultures and also when on tourism you will note this in ~ the indigenous entertainment spots, if you like exploring with drink just enter the neighborhood pub and ask "may I have actually a cold "...beer" (birra)" or girlfriend may speak to your friend and also ask that "could you lug some "...beer" (birra) to my room?" gain instant access to the Italian Language Set.

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