Welcome to 67 in Spanish, our write-up which answer the concern what is 67 in Spanish for both, cardinal as well as ordinal numbers in writing and also speech. If you have actually been trying to find sixty-seventh in Spanish, or if girlfriend googled for how perform you say sixty-seven in Spanish, then you have pertained to the right website, too. Reading our post to the end, you will certainly learn exactly how to say and write 67 prefer the people of Spain and also Mexico for example.

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Sixty-seven in Spanish

The cardinal number sixty-seven only has one kind in Spanish. As noun, adjective or pronoun 67 together cardinal number in Spanish is sesenta y siete.

Click the speaker to hear the pronunciation of sesenta y siete 🔊

A cardinal favor sesenta y siete is part of decided or writing provided to count, show the size of a team or set, et cetera. Check out this examples:

Sixty-seven = sesenta y siete Sixty-seven men = sesenta y siete hombres Sixty-seven ladies = sesenta y siete mujeres Sixty-seven thousands dollars = sesenta y siete mil dĂłlares Sixty-seven crazy ideas = sesenta y siete principles locas

As you can see, sesenta y siete does not adapt to gender as explained on our homepage.

Note the sixty-seventh in Spanish can be located three paragraphs more below. Next we answer how do you speak sixty-seven in Spanish for two dialects.

How perform you speak 67 in Spanish?

Here, we room going to present you exactly how to say 67 in Spanish making use of the international Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), an alphabetic device of voice notation which supplies the Latin alphabet:

In Spanish the Spain, 67 is pronounced seˈsenta i ˈsjete, e.g. For sixty-seven dollars you to speak seˈsenta ns ˈsjete ˈðolaÉŸes In mexico Spanish sixty-seven is pronounce seˈsenta i ˈsjete: seˈsenta i ˈsjete ˈðolaÉŸes In Spanish as talked in Spain, because that sixty-seven world you speak seˈsenta i ˈsjete peɟˈsonas In Spanish as spoken in Mexico, 67 civilization is pronounced seˈsenta i ˈsjete peɟˈsonas

There is a good many of countries where Spanish is spoken or is the official language; therefore, the really pronunciation the 67 counts on the certain dialect under consideration.

For comprehensive information around the rules because that building straightforward and link cardinals such as 67 review our write-up Numbers in Spanish, located in the header menu.

In the next section we sophisticated of the order of 67 in Spanish.

How do you order 67 in Spanish?

Taking every one of the above into account, you already know the answer to how execute you assignment 67 in Spanish language. 67 in Spanish assignment is sesenta y siete.

In instance the phonetic spelling that 67 has captured your attention, then have a look in ~ the recommendation section in ~ the bottom that our house page come learn an ext about the phonetic alphabet.

Chances are that you are additionally interested in the linguistics and also grammar facets of the character sesenta y siete, which deserve to be attributive or pronominal, as shown below.

In the instance of sixty-seven females (sesenta y siete mujeres), the use of the numeral is pronominal.

In the sentence “I witnessed sixty-seven” (“Vi a sesenta y siete”), sesenta y siete serves together a pronoun.

Besides the Spanish number 67, you may likewise be interested in:

In the following part we are going to comment on the Spanish equivalents that 67th and also sixty-seventh, the ordinal numbers which characterize importance, size, chronology, etc.

Sixty-seventh in Spanish

In Spanish, all ordinal numbers consisting of sixty-seventh stand for a place or location in a sequential order. Sixty-seventh in Spanish deserve to be a pronoun or adjective; generally it’s an adjective though.

Sixty-seventh takes on 4 develops as follows. Let’s begin with that sixty-seventh in Spanish has a masculine and also feminine type to it is adapted to the being successful noun, or to duty as pronoun:

sexagĂ©simo sĂ©ptimo 🔊 + masculine noun or together masculine pronoun, (both singular)

sexagĂ©sima sĂ©ptima 🔊 + feminine noun or as feminine pronoun, (both singular)

For example:

The sixty-seventh = el sexagésimo séptimo / la sexagésima séptima The sixty-seventh male = el sexagésimo séptimo hombre The sixty-seventh mrs = la sexagésima séptima mujer

Important: In day-to-day decided ordinal number as big as 67 room hardly ever before used. Rather, lock are replaced by cardinal numbers complying with the noun.

For example, rather of sexagésimo séptimo paso (step) or sexagésima séptima galaxia (galaxy) we commonly say paso doce and galaxia doce, respectively.

Because the ordinal number sexagésimo séptimo is an adjective or pronoun, it does not just adapt to gender, yet in enhancement to the singular also has a many form.

The plural is developed by additional s to the singular pronominal form:

sexagĂ©simo sĂ©ptimo → sexagĂ©simos sĂ©ptimos 🔊

sexagĂ©sima sĂ©ptima → sexagĂ©simas sĂ©ptimas 🔊

If you deserve to come up with a systematic example because that sexagésimos séptimos / sexagésimas séptimas, either as adjective or pronoun, then let us know and we will certainly gladly publish that here.

Sixty-seventh in Spanish Pronunciation

In Spain, the numeral sexagésimo séptimo is pronounced together follows:

sexagésimo séptimo = seksaˈxesimo ˈseptimo sexagésimos séptimos = seksaˈxesimos ˈseptimos sexagésima séptima = seksaˈxesima ˈseptima sexagésimas séptimas = seksaˈxesimas ˈseptimas

In Mexico, the character sexagésimo séptimo is express as indicated below:

sexagésimo séptimo = seksaˈxesimo ˈseptimo sexagésimos séptimos = seksaˈxesimos ˈseptimos sexagésima séptima = seksaˈxesima ˈseptima sexagésimas séptimas = seksaˈxesimas ˈseptimas

67th in Spanish

67th in Spanish is 67.Âș (Âș denotes masculine) or 67.ÂȘ (ÂȘ denotes feminine), yet, this days, the dot after the suffix is regularly omitted: 67Âș or 67ÂȘ. By method of illustration:

67th man = 67Âș hombre67th mrs = 67ÂȘ mujer

Historically, ordinal indicators have been underlined, hence 67o / 67a and 67.o / 67.a are likewise valid. Plural ordinal indications take on an s, e.g. 67.os.

Do not confuse 67ÂȘ v 67a, the last is the superscript lower-case a. Likewise, make certain to know the difference between 67Âș, 67° (degrees) and 67˚(ring diacritic).

If her input machine isn’t equipped with the Âș and also ÂȘ keys, copy them indigenous here, enter the keyboard mix corresponding to your OS, or manipulate superscript together last resort.

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What is 67 in Spanish?

If friend don’t recognize what’s 67 in Spanish as cardinal or ordinal, then very closely read our post once more. Other generally searched terms in the context of Spanish 67 include:

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This end our details on sixty-seven in Spanish numbers. If the content of this page has been helpful to you, please spread the word around our site.


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Now, using what you have just learned here, try to count as much as 67 in Spanish. Numbers lower than sixty-seven can be looked up making use of the aforementioned form.

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