The Toyota Tacoma has actually a maintenance light that will illuminate ~ above the tool panel as soon as an oil change is due. Usage the following steps come reset the maintenance light whenever you have completed one oil change.

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2018-2021 Models

Press the “Power” button once without holding the brake come activate the electronics. Execute not start the engine.Use the Left and Right arrows to pick the “Gear
icon on the details display.Use the Up and Down arrows to pick “Settings“, then push .Use the arrows to select “Maintenance Reset“, then press .Select “Yes“, then push .

2012-2017 Models

On this models, a Maintenance required light will illuminate because that 3 seconds, climate flash for 15 seconds when the auto has been propelled 4,500 miles due to the fact that the critical reset. It will illuminate then continue to be lit after ~ 5,000 miles.

Turn the ignition come the “On” position. Perform not begin the engine. Because that push switch models, push “Start” and do not touch the brake pedal.Press the “Odo/Trip” button or display adjust button to move the display screen to “Trip A“.Turn the vehicle fully off.Press and hold the “Odo/Trip” button.Continue to hold the “Odo/Trip” switch while convert the ignition come “On” without starting the engine. Release the “Trip” button until the expedition meter is set to all zeros.

2011 and older Models

These models frequently display a “MAINT REQD” message when an oil readjust is due.

Turn the ignition to the “Off” position.Press and also hold the trip stem switch located on the instrument panel.Continue to host the trip stem while transforming the ignition come the “On” position. Do not start the vehicle.Continue to host the trip stem for 5 more seconds. The odometer have to briefly display screen all zeros. Then you’ll know the reset is completed.

If these steps didn’t occupational on the first try, shot these measures again.

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I expect this guide has aided you in resetting the oil irradiate on her Toyota Tacoma. If you have questions, comments, or have actually spotted one error, please leave me a article below.

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