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Page 5 ...other functionsSetting the AV alternatives 63 do an audio or a video recording 64 to reduce the level of one analog signal 65 utilizing the sleep timer 65 Dimming the screen 65 switching the speaker impedance 65 checking your mechanism settings 65 Resetting the system 66...other than family purposes(such as irreversible use for organization purposes in arestaurant or use for various other Pioneer components with this receiver with a Pioneer plasma display . . . 57 utilizing the SR+ mode with a Pioneer plasma screen 58 Connecting a pc for advanced MCACC output . . . . . 58 progressed MCACC calculation using...

Page 25 ... I would -STEREO/F.S.SURR - push to mono will improve the sound top quality (page 32). TV VOL +/- -DISP - PRESET - direct F - RENAME -See Resetting the remote regulate presets on web page 69. Likewise use this selects the MULTI-ZONE manage (page 55).15 VOL +/-Press for example DVD, DVR1 or... Stereo and mono agree of a resource (page 28).25EnMCACC -Use to collection up come this mechanism assign it come the receiver (see page 67 for more on /off other remote controls on this ).13 Character display screen (LCD) This display screen shows information when transmitting control...

Page 66 ....InputsSee Input function default and feasible settings on page 63 for other functionsResetting the systemUse this .1 switch the receiver into standby.2 while holding down the front panel tone button, press and also hold... (M1-M6)0.0 dB66En The display screen shows RESET OK?.4 Press mechanism SETUP come the factory default settings.• note that the receiver has actually been reset to confirm.The screen shows RESET?.3 press the prior panel get in button. Default system ...Listening mode (x ch) AUTO SURROUNDListening setting (HP)STEREOSee also setup the AV alternatives on page 60.

Page 68 ... SOURCECD DVD DVR2 DVR1TV sat CD-R i PodVIDEO 2 video clip 1TV CONTXM RADIO TUNERROOM2/3 RECEIVERSLEEP SR+VIDEO SELDIMMERANALOG ATTD.ACCESS +10AV PARAMETER TOP food selection ìTUNECLASS DISCENTER CH LEVELMENU ST T.EDITRETURNDTVMENU ST SETUPENTERCATEGORY TUNE...store the operation(s). The remote LCD display screen shows SETUP. 2 use / come an input source button.1 While pressing the RECEIVER button, press SETUP. Resetting the remote regulate presetsThis will show OK if the operation has been learned.1If because that the component matching to the button setting to...
Page 69 ... A multi-operation or a shutdown sequenceXM RADIO DVDSIRIUS TVDVR 2 DVR 1TV CTRLCD-R/TAPE HDMI 2CDZONE 2iPod HDMI 1 TUNER RECEIVERSLEEPS.RETRIEVERANALOG ATTAV PARAMETER height MENUTUNESTSETUPENTERCH LEVEL MENUST T.EDIT RETURNGUIDETUNE TV CONTROLBAND1 While pushing the... In your system at the exact same time, using the input resource buttons) will be approximately eight characters (the possible characters are noted below). Come reset the button to its initial (default) name, choose NAME RST over .5 use / to pick a command in the sequence then press...
Page 78 ... Room no artist name/feature, song/program title, or channel category linked with the channel at this doesn"t seem to work, shot resetting your iPod.No Signal Loading turn off Air CH- - -last selected channel).Unit is enclosed securely.versions before iPod upgrade ...is a problem with the signal course from the outlet and also insert again to return to normal operation conditions.78Enn/aThe receiver is not correctly connected. The channel currently selected has stopped broadcasting. SIRIUS radio messagesSymptomAntenna Error inspect Sirius TunerAcquiring Signal...
How To factory Reset mine Pioneer upstream Vsx-81txv ReceiverHow to factory reset mine pioneer upstream VSX-81TXV receiver

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