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I want to reset mine cartridge completely: no conserve games, no minigames unlocked. Basically I desire to begin from scratch.Erasing the save gamings doesn"t work due to the fact that it doesn"t additionally clear out the minigame data.Anyone know exactly how to execute a complete cartridge reset top top a DS cartridge?
It i do not know be excellent unfortunately...
no that i desire to anyway...
Well, maybe if u throw it in the toilet and also u do your mother buy a new one. " title="Stick out Tongue " data-shortname="" /> possibly someone rather knows a way.
Well...I vote for SuperDuperMario14"s Idea the throwing your cartridge right into the toilet." title="Stick the end Tongue " data-shortname="" /> .
I recognize a way..." title="Mischief " data-shortname="" />You will have to carfuly break-up the video game open without poignant the computer system chip. Climate you will have actually to uncover the main component that the chip and cut a wire leading native it. Then you just need to reconnect the wire after taking the appropriate section the the chip out. (when you split it you will discover to sections)I am not responcable for any type of damage come anyones Nintindo(R) DS(TM) game or any type of components within the game or and also parts the the cartridge the plug-in to the Nintindo(R) DS(TM).
people call me that alot. It simply makes me feel more and more special.

in ~ Goalie.I assumed it was funny.
i m really sorry Goalie, yet Sprite own you for choose the 100th time. " title="Stick out Tongue " data-shortname="" />anyway, over there is a way... It occurred to me ~ above accident. When i rotate the game on, it said you cartridge is corrupt and some data might be lost. Well, by some, it expected all. So, whatever was gone. The was prefer a brand new game. Then, after ns turned it off, all my data to be, WTF right? " title="Stick out Tongue " data-shortname="" />
there you walk Kruelio, u have to turn off the DS while saving something.Rockster, u moron. " title="Stick out Tongue " data-shortname="" /> j/k
I"ve do the efforts that many times. Didn"t work. Any kind of other suggestions?Perhaps ns should call Nintendo...

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Nintendo tech assistance rocks!1. Rotate on the DS.2. In ~ the safety and security screen, organize down L+R+A+B+X+Y every at the same time. 3. A display screen will appear asking if you desire to erase every data.
Nintendo tech support rocks!1. Rotate on the DS.2. At the safety and security screen, organize down L+R+A+B+X+Y all at the exact same time. 3. A display screen will show up asking if you desire to erase every data.Cool!
" title="Cool " data-shortname="" />