Q. We have actually just purchased a little cottage top top Lake Champlain in south Alburgh. The house is only four years old, however the siding is bad stained through spider poop and also other an insect carcasses. Is it for sure to pressure-wash siding? What must I use for a detergent? I'm told that I have to spray with something like Malathion 3 or four times a year come prevent bug staining. Perform you agree or have other suggestions?-- Waitsfield, Vt.

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A. You haven't called me what kind of siding is on the cottage; it can make a difference in whether or not it is safe to pressure-wash it. Is there organic mulch at the base of the cottage? the may define the "spider poop." If pressure-washing is safe, a an excellent solution to use is a mix of new Clorox bleach and TSPPF together a detergent. This need to remove any type of mildew, mold and other pollutants, however it is unlikely to eliminate what you call spider poop, etc. This will probably require hand scrubbing. Yet if what I suspect is pho fungus, it will not come off vinyl or aluminum siding, and removing that from wood siding may damages it. I am no qualified to recommend pesticides; you should consult a pest-management professional.

Q. We insulated the garage and I wonder if it would be possible to allocate some room in that for use as a source cellar to store vegetables, etc., throughout a vermont winter. If so, just how would it have to be constructed? -- Essex Junction, Vt. A. If her garage is heated, the is probably kept at a an extremely low temperature -- 45 come 50 F (7 to 10 C), somewhat choose a refrigerator. If that is not, the fact that that is insulated will not do it any type of warmer 보다 the outdoors, so you need to find out what vegetables will certainly stand freeze temperatures. The grasp Gardener program have the right to advise you. It appears that you would only require some shelving in a closet-like area constructed in the many convenient part of her garage that would certainly not interfere through parking a auto -- unless, like plenty of Vermont garages, it's full of other machinery and personal possessions, when the car sits exterior covered v ice and snow. The space can be constructed with 2-inch-by-4-inch studs top top a pressure-treated bottom plate and regular peak plate. Fiberglass insulation have the right to be stapled between the studs and the walls finished inside and out through either plywood or gypboard kept one inch off the floor. The door deserve to be one insulated steel door.

Q. We have actually a bi-level house, v an attic area on either side of one bedroom, the was built in 1954. We had actually a roof installed, and as a result, the insulation in the attic area dropped out. The areas can be viewed from the main attic, yet an adult cannot fit with the dormer area to reinstall the insulation. Is over there any method to re-insulate the area? The house is an extremely cold now, causing cracks in the bedroom walls. -- via e-mail

A. I am no clear around the layout that renders it impossible for one adult to reach the affected "area" (you used the singular, but earlier you offered the plural), yet I assume the you are talking about wall surface insulation that fell out. Is one area obtainable while the various other is not? If you can accessibility one part of the attic v a panel or a door, deserve to the other side be accessed the exact same way, also if it way cutting an access panel? If you space speaking of the ceiling the the bedroom, it sounds together if the just solution is to have dense-pack cellulose puffy in or closed-cell polyurethane sprayed in. Check with two or 3 insulation contractors, and get your prices and take top top it.

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