Odyssey’s versatility is magnified even more with this removable 2nd-row middle seat. Watch this video clip to see exactly how to take it this obtainable feature out.

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exactly how to Activate the Hands-Free power Tailgate exactly how to change Vehicle settings just how to Personalize the Driver information Interface (DII) just how to routine the power Tailgate Opening elevation exactly how to remove the 2nd-Row center Seat just how to usage The progressed Rear Entertainment mechanism how to usage Auto High-Beam Headlights exactly how to use CabinTalk® how to usage CabinWatch® just how to usage HondaVAC® just how to usage Idle-Stop exactly how to usage Magic Slide® 2nd-Row seat just how to use Remote Engine begin just how to use the remote Spot details System (BSI) how to usage the Cross web traffic Monitor just how to use the Driver details Interface (DII) how to use the electrical Parking Brake & automatic Brake Hold—Odyssey exactly how to usage the power Tailgate how to use the clever Entry mechanism with Walk away Auto Lock® and also Push switch Start - DA Models just how to use the Tri-Zone Climate Controls just how to usage the Versatile center Console just how to Customize interior Light Dimming top top DA models just how to regimen the HomeLink Remote regulate just how to usage the Driver seat Memory mechanism how to usage the Seatback angle Adjustment just how to use the Moonroof just how to usage the inner Cabin lamp exactly how to adjust the Head Restraints just how to adjust and usage the strength Door mirrors
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