Beer-drinking generally leads to talking around beer and I’m ever-surprised by what civilization know, don’t know, think they understand or just kinda fabricate (aka, “that’s the beer talking”). (And there’s always much more to know, as ace beer writer Jason Notte tweeted last week, “The more I covering the #beer industry, the an ext clear the is how small I know around it.”). One topic that regularly pops up throughout a ring of beer-drinking-and-talking is getting shed by buying brews that space malingering top top shelves looooong previous their freshness home window (and also the best beer stores have old stock hanging around). So here’s an intro to how to rest those vexing beer codes.

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Knowing once the beer to be made is vital knowledge, an especially for those mega-popular, mega-hopped IPAs; the aromas, flavor and bitterness drop turn off quickly. Unfortunately, countless brewers quiet don’t do it easy to figure out when their beer to be bottled or canned. There is a morass the confounding letter/number combos: Julian dates, best before dates (but when were they packaged?!), codes that don’t specify whether it’s a born-on or pull-by date, etc. Some codes are published on the glass and also are quickly smudged; others space on the label however are near-impossible to read, overlapping with the imagery and also label copy. Also worse: some codes are only stamped top top the case, not the individual containers. Many consumers have no idea what those letters and numbers mean.



But yes a comfortable one-stop to crack most of the brewers’ codes: new Beer just (sites.google.com/site/freshbeeronly/u-s-beer-list). Looking in ~ Lagunitas? “Uses a bottling date. Julian date code, which is composed in black on the neck of the bottle. There are two lines. An initial line has 3 digits followed by a space, climate one much more digit. The very first three digits represent the day of the year, critical digit is the last variety of the year. Ex: 135 3 would be the 135th job of 2013 (May 15). Second line is batch number and also military time.” and also you’ll require to understand that Magic hat skips a letter: “Uses a production date. Ex.: M051. M= December (A=January, B=Feb, etc. Ns is skipped, for this reason J=September, etc.), 05= fifth day, 1= 2011. Recommended shelf life 120 job from that date.” Ouch, my head hurts! however Fresh Beer just can assist ease the pain.

Pro tip: there’s a sure-fire way to acquire brand-new beer – buy local! Visit ours beermakers to gain the freshest fermented beverages in 401 Land! No codes required!

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