Yep, Hekate do the list! illustration by Stéphane Mallarmé, 1880, offered courtesy of Wikimedia.

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Anglicizationis a monster thing. The happens as soon as someone takes something that already works and also changes it come something different. Spellings and also pronunciations fly out the window for something an ext palatable come English speakers.

Once, I had actually a boss that didn’t treatment enough to learn exactly how to express my name. Not once in the three years I worked for that did he say it correctly, also though I’d repair him end a dozen times. What carry out you think taken place when the asked me to execute a task? i did the marginal lot of work-related required and also left out the frills. I’m not very passive aggressive, but because this male couldn’t garbage one second to discover something as essential as mine name, I chose it was okay.

That’s why i think it’s vital to pronounce your names correctly. Us commune v the gods. We deal with them by name and ask them for things. We might as well call castle by the exactly pronounciation.

Here room the biggest of mine flub-ups.

1. Eostre

Like many people, I claimed something like “E-OS-ter,” but this one is actually lot like the holiday, pronounced “IHS-tir.”

2. Isis

I adore Isis, and have an emblem of her on my east altar. Ns couldn’t believe I’d to be saying this wrong because that decades, like “EYE-sis.” The Greeks dubbed her “EE-sis;” however, scholars don’t in reality know how the Egyptians pronounced it since hieroglyphs only included consonant sounds.

Photo courtesy that Wikimedia.

Oh man, it’s the target of every astrology jokes! I’m much too old to simply now uncover out I’ve been mispronouncing this because that decades. I actually claimed “your-ANUS” in front of one astrologer. The Greeks pronounced it “OAR-an-os.”

7. Dionysis

I hated discovering that I had been mispronouncing “DIE-o-NICE-us.” “DEE-on-e-sus” or “DAY-o-nay-sus” is closer to the proper pronunciation.

8. Odin

I’d always called vikings allfather god “OH-din,” however apparently it’s “OATH-in.”

* * * * * * * *

While it’s fun learning the old pronounced level of the gods, through this gift said, I’ll never ever be the pagan police. I’ll never ever correct someone as soon as they talk around their deity, since they understand their gods far better than I, and also they must be doing something the works. Our god probably know when we speak to upon lock by the energy, even if we don’t pronounce your names the same method they to be pronounced in the old days.

What about you? room there any gods or goddesses that you’ve mispronounced? I’d love come hear around them and also learn more, also if ns facepalm.

Until following time lovelies.

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