Some dog breeds have real tongue-twister names. Generally that’s due to the fact that of their foreign origin. The not constantly easy to know just how to express names with a German, French, dutch or other global background. This is an A-to-almost-Z pronunciation guide that will offer you the confidence to ask around that amazing dog next time you view one in the park.

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This aboriginal North American dog"sname may seem to have actually a simple pronunciation, but it’s frequently mispronounced as “MAL-a-mut” or “MAL-a-moot.” The correct way is "MAL-uh-myoot/mewt." use the exact same pronunciation for the last syllable together if you were informing someone to “mute” the television.


A herding breed from the Belgian town of Malines, this breed’s name is correctly pronounced as "mal-un-WAH." and also it"s "Belgian" (bel-juh n), the adjective, no "Belgium" (bel-juh m), the country.


This breed takes his surname from the town of Tervuren, east of Brussels. That pronounced "ter-VYOO-run." To it is in safe, just call him aTerv for short.


Seems basic enough, yet this Swiss each other is frequently referred to together a “Burmese” mountain Dog. He is from the canton the Bern in Switzerland, not the country of Burma in southeast Asia.


You could think "bad hair day" as soon as you watch this breed’s name, however he’s not a “bitchin’ frizzy.” Instead, say “BEE-shawn FREE-zay,” i beg your pardon is French for "fluffy white dog."

This member that the Mastiff family members hails indigenous Italy. The word “cane” is Italian because that “dog” and is pronounced “KAH-nay.” the word “corso” may mean “guard” or “courtyard,” and also is express “KOR-so.” prevent saying “cane,” as in a go cane. For extra credit, breeders and Italian speakers will be impressed if you know that the plural (more 보다 one) is Cani Corsi (kah-nee kor-see).

In German, this quick but long dog"sname is rather straightforward: "dachs" (which method "badger") and "hund" (which method "dog"). In other words, he’s a badger dog, and his name is express “dahks-uhnd” or “dahks-hoond.” It’s often mispronounced together “daht-sun” or “dash hound.”

This French Mastiff"sname is periodically mispronounced as “doogh” or “doggee,” but as he is from France, think fashion. His surname rhymes with words “vogue” and also is correctly pronounced “dohg duh bor-DOH.”

Originating in the Netherlands, this Spitz breed takes his name from a politician v whom he to be associated, Kees de Gyselaer. Words Keeshond, then, method “Kees’ dog” and also is pronounced “KAYZ-hund.”

Another situation of a seemingly basic name that is often mispronounced. This giant, frequently water-loving dog no a brand-new Finland or a brand-new Found Land. Say “NOO-fun-lund” — or go through Newfie for short.

It’s tempting to just call this Dutch breed a “cookie hound” and also be done v it, yet with a little practice, you deserve to say his name through flair. It’s “COY-ker-HUND-che.” The name has its root in the netherlands words “kooi” (for "duck trap") and also “hond” (for "dog"). The hunter, or decoy person, is the “kooiker.” The “je” top top the finish of the name is a suffix an interpretation “small.” A Kooikerhondje, then, is the small dog belonging come the duck trapper.

Hone your French pronunciation an abilities and say “pa-pee-YONE.” It means “butterfly” and is a perfect summary of this tiny Spaniel who erect ear resemble the wings of a butterfly. Whatever you do, though, don’t say “pap-ill-leon.”

This one’s a mouthful; that’s for sure. Most people just call him the "PBGV" ("pee-bee-gee-vee") because that short, yet if you want to brave speak the totality name in French, the “puh-TEE bas-SAY gree-FOHN vehn-DAY-uhn.”

Often mispronounced as “rock-wilder,” the handsome black and also tan dog is actually a "ROT-wai-ler," after ~ the German town of Rottweil, wherein he originally worked as a butcher’s dog, pulling carts of meat come market.

You’ve more than likely heard this fluffy white dog"sname pronounced together "suh-MOY-ed." In reality, though, the correct pronunciation is “sam-a-YED,” follow to the Samoyed club of America. His nickname is Sammy, which offers an easy means to get approximately the pronunciation issue.

This sturdy netherlands herding dog"sname looks an extremely much prefer "shapen-does," but it"s actually pronounced "SHA-pen-dohs."

Shipporkey? Skipperk? when it might be pronounced differently in German or Flemish, in English-speaking countries, this tiny black Spitz breed is appropriately referred to as a “SKIP-er-kee.” In the Flemish dialect from which it originated, Schipperke method “little captain,” as these dogs are thought to have actually been watchdogs on barges.

It may be tempting to pronounce this breed"sname as “shit-zoo,” yet that would be wrong: it’s “SHEED-zoo,” according to the American Shih Tzu Club. That pronounced the exact same whether that singular or many — no require to include an S on the finish if you’re introduce to an ext than one.

He’s no an Italian ice cream cream dessert — it is spumoni — but a functional gun dog supplied to allude and retrieve game. To provide his name the exactly pronunciation, say “spin-oh-nay ih-tahl-YAH-no.”

When pronouncing this Hungarian dog"sname, ~ do so you’re starring in a 1950s Cold battle romantic thriller: my darling “VEE-zh-lah,” just how will I ever before live without you? It has the same “zh” sound that you hear in words “vision.” “VEESH-la” is additionally acceptable.

To give the gray ghost"sname its exactly pronunciation in German, you would say “VY-mah-rrrrah-ner,” yet most world in the U.S. Express the W and also say “WY-mah-rah-ner." Either choice is acceptable.

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Looks difficult to pronounce, doesn’t it? take it piece by piece, though, and you’ll soon have actually the joint of this mexican breed"sname down. Say “show-low-eets-QUEENT-lee.” See, those five syllables aren’t so bad. Or simply take the easy means out and also call that a “show-low” favor everyone else does.