Sometimes you have actually nothing to article on your Facebook but you still want to article something. Over there is a an easy trick through which you can article blank status and also surprise her friends. Plenty of of you can wonder what does blank status means. As the name suggests, blank status is totally empty without any type of text or photo.

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If girlfriend normally create a brand-new post and also give empty spaces in it, Facebook will certainly not enable you to article that status. Similarly, friend can"t post blank comments on Facebook. The doesn"t occupational that way. Instead, you have actually to kind something in the status/comment box, only then on facebook can allow you to short article it.Here we have shared two basic methods through which you can article blank (or empty) status and comments on Facebook. It would certainly be suprising for your friends and they will absolutely ask you just how you have done it. These approaches works on every devices and also platforms consisting of your phone, computer, on facebook app, and also Facebook web versions.

Method 1: article blank standing or comment on Facebook

There is a shortcode on facebook which enables you to write-up blank standing or comment. Follow this step-by-step overview -Now click on the status/comment box
and also type

Type exactly the exact same or you can copy and also paste it. Please keep in mind that there is a room after the second zero (0).If you want to create a lot of line blank status, then form the shortcode in each brand-new line together shown listed below -
<0:0: >
<0:0: >
<0:0: >
<0:0: >This will produce 4 line blank status.Finally, tap the post button to share the on her Facebook. As soon as it is published, you will check out a blank status.

Unfortunately, this technique does not work-related on the Facebook application but it works fine on the mobile and desktop computer Facebook website.Note: To examine if this method is working, girlfriend can create a test post by setup its privacy to only me.

Method 2: usage blank an are to short article empty status or comment

This is quite different from the vault one. Below we will use a blank room to article empty status/comment ~ above Facebook. Just follow these steps -First, copy the blank room between these brackets: <
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀>Next, open up the Facebook application on her phone. If you space on her PC, then open the facebook website.Click top top the status/comment box and paste the blank an are you have copied from this website.Finally, write-up the status/comment on your Facebook and also you have done it.Unlike the ahead method, this one will also work top top the facebook app. Moreover, the is quite basic as girlfriend don"t have to kind anything manually. The just drawback of this an approach is the it can"t produce multiple lines blank status.

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Method 3: For blank comments only

You can additionally use over methods to article blank comment on Facebook. There is another an approach which only works on computer system as that require desktop computer keyboard. All you need to do is, open the comment box on the write-up where you want to add blank comment and also press ALT+0137
. This will produce an empty comment. Just short article it and enjoy.So that"s quite much whatever you have to know. We have actually posted a few other comparable articles pertained to this topic. If you room interested, then check out these short articles -Please don"t forget come share these posts with her friends. Us hope you favored our post. Stay tuned with us for an ext interesting tricks and also tips. If you want to questioning something, please perform share the in the comment section below.