This is a full walkthrough of the “Moron Test” a really popular video game for both IPhone and Android.

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The Moron check Walkthrough

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The Moron Test: Old School

You can check a video walkthrough of this video game here:



1. First you will be request to carry out a very simple task: to press the red switch in order come begin.

2. Insanity the earth icon to answer the question: where room you appropriate now?3. Insanity the sun symbol when prompted: now touch the sun. Don’t problem it’s not hot.4. Madness the Saturn icon when prompted: touch the continuing to be planet.5. Now, touch the add to sign once prompted.6. Tap closely the screen to crack the eggs from left come right.7. Press the buttons ~ above the screen in the requested order: red, blue, green.8. Choose the duck in the bottom ideal side as soon as prompted: Touch the biggest duck.9. A checkpoint will certainly follow. Right here you must press the bee and not the letter “B.”10. “Press the orange button, then green twice, climate blue.” This stage could pose some difficulties: as you press the orange button, the green and the blue one will adjust positions. Then, when you’ll be pushing the environment-friendly button, your positions will adjust again.11. “Touch the computer mouse:” be mindful not to touch the real mouse.12. “Touch the duck from largest to smallest:” begin with the one top top the ideal side. Be careful that the the smallest one is appropriate behind the biggest one.13. “Pay attention: Touch everywhere to continue.” tap the screen.14. You’ll be displayed three numbers: 1, 3, 5. The next screen will show you 4 other numbers (136, 7, 9, 10) and ask girlfriend to press the number i m sorry is the result if you include the previous number together. And also the price is 9.15. The next display screen is a checkpoint and another request: touch the “male” icon and also not the “mail” icon.16. At this stage you are compelled to push the green switch five times.17. “Touch the biggest square diamond.” Be careful to touch the one on the ideal on top, and also not the rectangle on the left (which is bigger but is not a square).18. “Crack the eggs from smallest to largest.” start with the one ~ above the right side.19. “Touch the ducks greatest to smallest according to eye size.” Be cautious that the eye size is no proportionate come the human body size. Also the ducks will adjust positions when you choose them. 20. Back it has actually an engraving calling you to continue, don’t push the red button. Be mindful that it will take a few seconds until you happen to the next level. This will certainly tempt friend touch it.21. Another checkpoint: “Everything through a mind makes that this fair. You are now an median mammal.” The job on this page is come touch the pie. Be mindful that you have to press the pie icon and also not the Pi (π) number 3.14.22. “Tap the egg until it crack open.” friend will need to be patient and also tap the egg 11 times.23. Right here you have to be very very fast: as a duck will pop up for less than a second, you’ll need to tap it best away.24. Be careful to keep in mental the hint native this stage: “it’s the eco-friendly one.”25. Press the red switch seven times. Be cautious as the button will readjust its position after friend tap it.26. Checkpoint: “6 the end of 10 monkeys consider you slightly smart.” The question right here is “Which has actually the many carats.” made decision the diamond and also not the carrots.27. Another tricky one: from the smallest to biggest, press the numbers, follow to their size. The order will certainly be: 2, 37, 15, 14, 23. Be mindful that the position of the number will readjust while friend play.27. One more tricky one: from the smallest to biggest, press the numbers, according to your size. The order will certainly be: 2, 37, 15, 14, 23. Be mindful that the place of the numbers will readjust while friend play.28. Read the blog post “You room doing an excellent so far,” but don’t press the button that claims “Start over.”

29. Top top this web page you’ll view a compass. You will certainly be inquiry to push the phibìc once and the southern twice. Be mindful to prevent after girlfriend touch South. The directions of the compass will change completely and the southern will be on the position of East.

30. Very first look at the shape and also at the facets it was made of. That is one “A” do of tens of little “4”s. Climate answer the question: “Which number do the shape?” <4>.

31. “Right click the mouse.” be careful, as you should press the button on your left since the computer mouse is rotate up-side down.

32. At this phase you will view four different buttons but no instructions. You have to remember the hint you review several stages before: it’s the environment-friendly one.

33. An additional checkpoint and also the concern you have to answer below is: “Don’t touch the Dad, touch the Sun.” Be cautious not come touch the penguin dad’s son yet the yellow Sun over the two penguins.

34. “Press the Orange switch ten times.” be careful due to the fact that after number of tap the button will readjust its position and also will become green. Prevent clicking when it turns green, climate click the again once it transforms orange for the last three times.

35. “Crack the smallest egg come continue.” The smallest egg is ideal in the sentence and not in the series of eggs below.

36. “Quick! push the blue button.”At this stage you’ll have to be very fast to push the blue button.

37. An initial take care of the hint: it’s as easy as ABC. Then touch the display to move to the following screen. You’ll check out a perform of words. You don’t have to memorize them, just notification that they room arranged in alphabet order. On the next page, you’ll see represented the objects called on the vault page: bee, blue button, carrot, compass, computer, diamond, duck, earth, egg, envelope.

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On the last page, you will be asked come tap a environment-friendly arrow. Rotate your device around and the arrowhead will revolve green and “up.” you finished.