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The hood on mine 2000 e430 hood wont open up up i can obtain the one latch on the passenger side to open however the driver next latch wont release any ideas to get it open up would aid thanks

Welcome. You re welcome take a moment to click user cp and also edit details so you deserve to easily include your vehicle and location to your profile, it"s often beneficial information as soon as you"re search assistance.If you shot the search function I think you"ll uncover that this issue has occurred before, occasionally it"s simply that the cable is out of the track. Gaining it earlier in can be tricky (since you can"t open the hood) but it"s doable.Good luck.
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The hood on my 2000 e430 hood wont open up i can get the one latch ~ above the passenger side to open however the driver next latch no release any kind of ideas to obtain it open would aid thanks
This was a huge problem for me. I hope this helps cause it entirely sucked trying to gain it open. Yet it can be done. Just need the ideal will and also skill to jimmy that open. Please view my thread concerning the passenger side which was a tiny easier to get to. See the images in the thread come understand exactly how to unlatch. Http://
One thing that you can try, is to have someone pull the hood relax handle and hold that out. While they are doing that, use the next of her fist, and pound under on the hood, in the area that dosen"t seem to desire to release. This may get the hood open. After ~ that, a little grease top top the latches could solve the problem. Great luck!
When i spoke of one more person pulling the hood release handle, I meant from under the dash, inside the car, no the tab the goes v the grill. This deal with has operated for me in the past.

The hood on my 2000 e430 hood wont open up ns can acquire the one latch top top the passenger side to open but the driver side latch no release any type of ideas to gain it open up would assist thanks
Have a helper in the auto cabin hold the latch release in the complete open position. Concurrently pull top top the second catch release and sequentially use pulling and pushing press on the hood because that latch side that will not release.After opened the hood, girlfriend will need to change the "hood stop" on the overcome member end the radiator up or down (try down first). Also, usage lithium grease on the latching mechanisms and also operate the mechanism several time to they room well lubricated.Don"t shot to over-muscle the hood release mechanisms the end of frustration, or new problems will certainly be introduced.
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Frustrations increasing GRRRRRRRR!So come revive this old and also well discussed topic I have been unbable to release my hood for the past week. Ns bought a new cable yet have not been may be to replace it. After talk to a tech at the stealership he said to pull the secondary release latch in the grill and push on the leaver behind it to open up the hood. I didnt have any success but I likewise didnt shot pulling the release fron the inside at the very same time. It appears as if atmsmshr has done this techniqe before. My inquiry is what signifigance walk the center grill second release have actually with the two primary releases. Likewise has anyone heard about the tip I recieved at the MB dealership with the U shaped latch behind the facility grill hood pull?
Same thing taken place on mine G500. Dubbed my friend and also independent mercedes mechanic and he called me that most every mercedes the has functioned on deserve to be manually opened through the grill. Sure enough, i looked with the front grill and also found the hood relax mechanism. I then supplied a lengthy screwdriver to manually push the release lever (that is attached to the hood relax cable) and pop open the hood. After the it was change (tighten) the cable, lithium grease, and also I was earlier in business. Again, no idea if this will job-related on your car, yet it can be worth a looksee ... Fwiw

Same thing occurred on my G500. Called my friend and independent mercedes mechanic and he said me that many every mercedes he has functioned on have the right to be manually opened through the grill. Certain enough, ns looked with the prior grill and found the hood release mechanism. Ns then used a lengthy screwdriver to manually push the release bar (that is attached come the hood release cable) and pop open the hood. After that it was adjust (tighten) the cable, lithium grease, and I was ago in business. Again, no idea if this will work-related on your car, however it can be worth a looksee ... Fwiw
So i was under the exact same impression that what you room saying to be gospel but I require toe understand exactly how the grille relax works. Ns dont understand just how the cable and also the release in the grille are related. Therefore did you press down top top the u-shaped bar behind the hood pull? I recognize that many of us here and also on lot of MB forums have had this issue. As soon as I figure this the end Im detailing the procedure with pictures and also full compose up because that the next guy. I had less trouble putting the engine in...
In mine case, ~ above a G500, I offered a flashlight to situate the hood release mechanism where the hood release cable attached. As soon as you uncover that you merely use a lengthy screwdriver and also manually relocate the release mechanism the same direction the the cable is claimed to... That pops open the hood i m sorry is additional released by the safety and security release lever. Again, no idea if this likewise works on one E Class, however worth a looksee anyway, great luck.

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i might be a scooch turn off in verbiage however the relax is a 2 staged release:the cabin release activates a primary, cable operated releases (in sync) at the former corners the the hoodthis then enables the second release via the grill bar which is independent of the cable releases.if you"re make the efforts to relax the primary/corner catches, girlfriend should focus on thecable release (junction) in ~ the driver"s the radiator top structure member.performed just right, manipulation the the cable (outward towards the fender) should release both top hood captures at the same time. Yet it requires precision. It might be simpler to relax the driver"s side first, then transition to the passenger next (manipulate cable towards driver"sside)is it possible to punctured something v the grill and trip them? i don"t think so. That said, that comes down to what the reason of the ailing hood release(s) is/are.