If friend are in search of a systems for how to open up Bulova Watch? we will guide you at every step, but an initial of you need to understand part history.

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In the year 1975, Bulova watch Co. Started in brand-new York City, USA, from a tiny store. Ever due to the fact that it is a known brand for making high-quality wristwatches. Some of its popular brands encompass Caravelle, Wittnauer, and others. Bulova has actually been producing various styles of well-made timepieces because that men and also women. It has been a famous pick among the watch-enthusiast.

At times, Bulova needs battery replacement or repair. Hence, the becomes important to open it o watch what is going on inside of it.

Got no clue around how to open up Bulova watch? No more worries! Our short explanation will certainly tell friend all around it!

How to open up the earlier of a Bulova Watch


Step 1: find out the sort of case

Grab the wristwatch and turn it over. If you check out tiny screws, then it is a screw-on form case, and also if you don’t see any kind of screws, climate it is a snapback case.

Step 2: spread a soft towel on a flat surface

This job needs to be patiently done. So, uncover yourself a level surface top top which friend can conveniently work on. After finding the surface, spread out a soft cloth on the so that the timepiece continues to be protected. On turbulent surfaces, there are chances of scratches. If it has a screw-on case, then make certain to usage white-colored or light-colored apparel as a spread out on the surface. The light-colored towel will make it easy for you to see the screws.

Step 3: opened the case

Opening the case that is screw-on

To open up the case of a screw-on timepiece, friend will require a miniature-sized driver to unscrew the tiny screws. Friend can acquire your hand on a miniature screwdriver kit. In this kit, friend will uncover a small magnifying glass, a miniature screwdriver, and a pair the tweezers. V this help, you can unscrew the tiny screws and put castle aside top top a item of cloth. Because these are an extremely tiny, make sure that friend don’t allow them loss on the floor.

After putting the screws aside, girlfriend can easily open the case.

Opening the instance that is the snapback

Most that the timepiece consists of a snapback case. The earlier of the timepiece snaps to the case. So, that becomes simple to open up it.

This instance is simpler to open up as contrasted to the screw-on case. The snapback timepieces room simpler since you can simply take a tool that has a flatter head and also pop off the case. Look at the circumference of the timepiece’s face and also look because that a spot whereby you can insert the flat-headed tool. You can even use a driver for this purpose. After ~ doing that, use some pressure, and also the situation will open quite easily.

Step 4: remove the expired battery

Sometimes, the batteries in the timepieces space secured with tiny clips to store the battery in place. These clips also have tiny screws that prevent the battery native popping out. If your timepiece has one of this clips, then you should unscrew it and pop the end the battery. If the doesn’t have anything favor that, then don’t worry around it. Very closely remove the battery and also clean the dust if over there is any type of with the aid of a Q-tip.

Step 5: replace the old battery through the new

Now, ~ you have slightly cleaned the inside, placed the new battery in location of the old one. Make certain to obtain your hand on the best battery according to your timepiece. Then closely put the brand-new battery in place.

Important Tip: don’t leave any type of timepieces open for a long period of time. Shot to acquire the task done as quickly as possible. This is because the dirt and the humidity in the environment can damage the inner parts.

Step 6: placing the case earlier on

For both cases, even if it is screw-on or whether Snap-back, make sure that you place the rubber ring inside and make sure that girlfriend are putting everything earlier together very carefully.

The Snap-On case will be put back together really easily. However for the screw-on case, friend will have to use the driver again come screw everything back together.

And here, girlfriend have properly replaced the battery of the Bulova timepiece!

Some Tips because that Opening and also Closing Bulova Watch

The plastic ring should be placed inside: While you are around to snap earlier the timepiece’s case. You need to make it details that the plastic instance is also placed inside prior to the earlier is snap on. Otherwise, the back case will certainly not effectively snapback or close. So, the opportunities of internal damages will increase.Identify the situation position and then snap it ago on in the appropriate direction: several of the snapback situations must be snapped ago on in the wanted position. If that place is disturbed, then again, the timepiece’s snapping ago will also be disturbed. So, make sure that friend snapback the case in the ideal direction.Apply press while snapping the back on: When girlfriend close the back, make certain that enough pressure is used with her thumb’s help that it close the door securely.

While transforming the battery, make sure to use clean hands. Also, don’t touch the battery too much or smear your hands end it. This is since the grease native the hands will then it is in transferred and deposited top top the battery. The grease deserve to be harmful come functioning. Over there are chances of inaccuracy.

The battery is an alleged to administer power come the timepiece, but when the grease is moved to it, it is can not to administer the power properly. Hence, the functioning of the timepiece is disturbed, and also it might not be able to show the exactly time. If the functioning is disturbed due to the greasy battery, merely use alcohol pads to clean the battery and also put the back.

Repairing of Bulova Watch

The repairing that a timepiece cannot take place at home. This is due to the fact that people who have knowledge that timepieces have the right to only deal with it. Along with that, enormous craftsmanship is required to gift able to fix or repair it. Repairing at home deserve to make the condition of the timepiece also worse. Hence, that is vital to take it come a professional.


These timepieces room durable, high quality, and trendy. Castle come in various shapes and also styles. Most of them have actually a snapback case, while some of them may have screw-on backs. They can be quickly opened by utilizing a few tools. A many finesse and effort is compelled to open and close this timepieces due to the fact that being careless have the right to disrupt your functioning.

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The battery instead of of this timepieces deserve to take place at home. However, the fix of these might not be feasible at home.