The fifth installment in Bethesda"s Elder Scrolls franchise is set in the eponymous province of Skyrim, where the ancient threat of dragons, led by the sinister Alduin, is rising again to threaten all mortal races. Only the player, as the prophesied hero the Dovahkiin, can save the world from destruction.

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The only horse I ever used for an extended period of time already had a designated name. Otherwise I just called them "dude" or whatever



My horse is called Horse. Which sounds obvious but I always call my pets Dog Cat etc. I seem to like descriptive names :)

Yup, Megan made a triumphant return from Oblivion! Chivalry didn"t, he"s probably still standing outside Lucien"s dungeon.

Since all my horses tend to die within half a hour of purchase I decided against it after the first time.  The first one was called Bait. Think that did it.

I named my character Jack and made him look like Jack Shepherd from LOST. And I refer to the horse as kate... trolololol .

cuddlefish said:

Did anyone else name an otherwise unnameable thing of theirs? I talk out loud to the game as if it can hear me (my brother and sister think I"m crazy but that"s ok ^_^)

I call my horse Chicken McHorse. I also have Kharjo, the Khajiit caravan guard as a companion, but I just call him Mr. Kitty. It"s so dumb, but it makes the game so much more fun to yell "Mr Kitty noooo! Don"t run in there, it"s a trap!" or "Come along Chicken McHorse, we"ve got a mountain to climb!"

I wasn"t intending to post today, but this made me chuckle. Great stuff.

I called my horse "Bawbag" because he keeps attacking things without reason and dives off cliffs, oh and he"s a bawbag.

bought a horse and it died soon after, didn"t name it, mostly just sprint-shout across the land

did keep a horse all the way through red dead redemption despite not really liking the game,

liked having the horse though, but travel in skyrim is too erratic to keep a horse

I named my horse "Pos" because 10 minutes after I bought it a sabre cat killed it while I used the rest room. I went back to the guy hoping he could cut me a deal but nope he just tried to charge me another 1k. I have not bought a horse since and fast travel or run everywhere.

I called my horse Paul Walker"s Horse, because I thought that was a pretty damn good name for a horse.

I"d name mine Asshole, because I only ever steal horses and then when I want to dispose of it I plant it near enemies (or innocents...) and cast Frenzy on it from a distance.


I bought a horse, but I rarely use him. Something about being pulled out to 3rd person turns me off of it.

I keep trying to give it a name but then I forget and just call it horse. I hate my horse anyway, it teleports around the map following me and it can"t even sprint properly without stopping 5 seconds later.

No because the damn horse started to fight a dragon right away. There can never be another horse in my life :"(

I murdered a hunter for his horse in the mountains. I murdered the horse 2 minutes later, felt like a step back from Oblivion.

Tim_the_Corsair said:

I murdered a hunter for his horse in the mountains. I murdered the horse 2 minutes later, felt like a step back from Oblivion.


Couldn"t you have just let the horse go about his horse-business? Or is everything in your Skyrim punished for incompetence?

Riboflavin said:

I just used shadowmare and it already had a name so welp

Same here, at least the name it comes with is cool.

My first horse was named "Goddammit don"t fight everything you see you mangy beast." The rest were pretty much variations on that theme.

Edit: Oh, also one was named "Oh shit this is steeper than it looks."

I kept her name "Allie" or whatever the dude at the Whiterun stables called her.And then I got Shadowmere and Allie went back to the stables.

Panpipe Necromancers aren"t exactly known for their kindness or tolerance. In saying that, I did feel momentarily guilty and tried to raise it as a zombie, but no luck. I"m not all bad though - I came across a horse stomping a bear to death after it killed the noble rider and his guard, so I healed it to ensure victory for it.

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