So, you"ve simply signed approximately this colourful, busy-looking website referred to as Neopets.com. Perhaps you were presented by a friend or relative, or probably you"ve stumbled throughout the site by yourself and also got curious. Congratulations! You"re the newest member that a site took pleasure in by countless users around the world.

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You could be finding you yourself a tiny confused in ~ the moment, though, and also that"s natural. There"s so lot on Neopets that it can be a bit overwhelming for brand-new players (known as "newbies"). Don"t worry! You"ve controlled to uncover your means to aramuseum.org, the shiniest fan-made Neopets help site top top the Internet, and also we"re ready to help you every step of the way, starting right now. Therefore let"s get started!

What"s This "Neopets" Thing?

At the most basic level, Neopets is one online game where friend take care of a fantasy creature called a Neopet. Like the digital "virtual pets" the were renowned a couple of years ago, her Neopet it s okay hungry if not fed regularly, and also can be made happier through toys and also grooming. However, if girlfriend can"t it is in on the site every day, don"t issue too lot -- her Neopet won"t run away and you won"t it is in treated as a poor owner because that failing to feed him or her. Unlike your household pets in the actual world, Neopets have the right to talk, read, fight, learn, pat cards, go on adventures, and take care of smaller sized pets of your own. Some of them can even fly!

As a newbie, it"s more than likely a great idea come stick come owning one or two Neopets until you"ve identified how the website works. You can own approximately 6 Neopets at a time, 7 if you purchase a Premium subscription, (and if you choose to have an ext than one account, you deserve to potentially own as many as 31, despite there space extra rule governing that), however only one (your "active Neopet") will be displayed approximately the site once you play games and interact with various other users. Unlike the characters on some sites, this Neopet isn"t to plan to it is in a depiction of "you" -- rather, you"re the human "caretaker" or "parent" of yet many pet you own. Human being you fulfill will speak to you by the username friend log right into the website with, not the surname of your pet.

Neopets invites friend to develop your an initial Neopet as part of the signup process, for this reason you"ve probably currently met your new companion. It"s worth noting the it isn"t strictly necessary to produce a brand-new pet as soon as you do an account, though -- as soon as you"ve proved your email address, you additionally have the alternative of adopting a pet who currently exists, however doesn"t right now have an owner. You"ll have the ability to do the exact same points with your Neopet no matter whether he/she is produced or adopted, so don"t stress too much around the decision.

You can check on your Neopet at any type of time by click his or her snapshot on the optimal left panel of the site.

Take great care of me!

Looking After her Neopet

You"ll probably get the most out of this game if your Neopet is happy and also well-fed. Exactly how do you manage this? The simplest means is to usage items. Items have the right to be purchase from various other users (more on the in a minute) or found about the site. Together a new player, friend should have actually received a few free items to begin you off.

To see your items, select Inventory indigenous the Customise menu. You"ll view a display displaying what you"re right now carrying.


Click things to use it. A pop-up home window will appear containing a drop-down menu (if the doesn"t, make sure your adblocker is collection to allow Neopets.com). Pick "Play with" because that a toy, or "Feed to" for things of food, and press the switch to make it happen! Food will certainly disappear when consumed (fairly logically), and makes her pet much less hungry. Playthings (and to organize items, which occupational in exactly the very same way) make her pet happier, and will remain in your inventory to be provided again and again.


Beware: If you own one of the two species of pets pictured below, there will certainly be an choice to feeding them non-food item in the menu window. Don"t carry out this! If friend feed her pet a toy, friend will certainly not get it back!


If you"re going come be away from the website for a while, or are simply too liven to come digital regularly, you can send her pets come a hotel instead of feeding them every day. This doesn"t make her pets any kind of happier, however it will avoid them gaining hungry.

An essential thing come remember about items is that much more expensive or harder-to-get things room not have to better . In fact, in many cases, over there is no difference in effect between common toys and foods and also rarer ones. Her pet will be simply as happy playing v a Blue Ixi Plushie (one that the commonest playthings on the site) as he or she will through a Faerie Queen Doll (a high-end toy bought only by collectors).

Your pet deserve to occasionally additionally become sick. There room lots of different illnesses, yet they all have actually the very same effect; your pet will look ill and beaten-up wherever you watch his or her image, and will not have the ability to fight in the Neopets Battledome. There space items you have the right to use come cure sicknesses if you"re in a hurry, but it"s much an ext economical to get your pet cured for complimentary by visiting the healing Springs every half-hour. Okay pets have the right to gradually come to be unhappy, but you deserve to solve this by playing v toys together usual.

Points average Purchases!

The Neopets game is set in a fictional civilization called Neopia. For helpful purposes, this people has a single currency: the Neopoint, regularly abbreviated come "NP". You have the right to see how countless Neopoints you"re right now carrying in the optimal right-hand edge of the site, beside your username.


There are many ways to earn Neopoints; we have actually an post that covers them in more detail. The simplest and also most usual way, though, is by playing the games that appear on the site. You"ll should install Adobe flash Player to play many of them--the download shouldn"t take it too long over a regular connection. There space heaps of various games to try, indigenous word puzzles and also tower defence to shoot games and action-packed problem courses. Over there are even a couple of games you might currently know just how to play. Whichever friend choose, aramuseum.org has actually lots that guides and walkthroughs to help you acquire started.


Once you have some money, you have the right to go shopping. The Shop Wizard in the Shops menu lets you search through items various other players have actually for sale. There are all kinds of items you deserve to buy:

Food provides your pet less hungry.Toys and grooming items make your pet happier.Weapons let her pet pat in a distinct play-fighting arena referred to as the Neopets Battledome.Wearables space for dressing up her pet and bringing the end his or her individual style.Petpets space smaller inhabitants of Neopia the you can give your pet come look after. Lock don"t need feeding and also can"t talk.There space other types of items too, including some that don"t do anything however just make pretty gifts. You deserve to use our Item Database come make certain you know what an object is for before you buy it.

Should you bother earning Neopoints? on the one hand, there are plenty of things you won"t be able to do without them. You need NP come play chance gamings like Cheat!, to buy items from other players or indigenous the NPC-run shops about the site, and also to put your pets in a hotel. ~ above the various other hand, don"t concern too much if you"re having actually trouble earning them in ~ first. There space plenty of cost-free activities top top Neopets, including some that might give friend items if you"re lucky! If girlfriend really have no Neopoints at all, friend can also ask the Soup Faerie to feed your pets for free.

It"s constantly sunny in a rich man"s world...

Making Friends

Like so plenty of things, Neopets is far an ext fun if you have an excellent friends to share that with. Also if friend can"t persuade any of your real-world friends to join you top top the site, you can constantly talk come people and make girlfriend on Neopets itself.

The exclusive messaging system on Neopets is called Neomail. The can"t take care of any facility code or really long messages, but it"s good when you simply want come let friends know how you"re doing. Girlfriend can uncover it in the My Account menu.

A an excellent place to meet brand-new people is the Neoboards, Neopets" on-site forum section. There are forums for many different topics, from Flash gamings to writing. You"ll desire to check out over the chatting rules and also check out our Neopian dictionary for typical abbreviations and also chat lingo before you venture over there. And also remember, offering out email addresses, telephone numbers or messenger handles is strictly against the rules!


How perform You success This Game?

One of the commonest inquiries from newbies provided to other types of computer system game is "How carry out you success at Neopets?" It"s understandable the someone do the efforts a brand-new game because that the first time would want to know the eventual goal and how to get there. However, the real answer is one of two people "You can"t" or "Any means you want to". Confused? Don"t worry, it"ll every make sense in a minute.

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Like actual life, the civilization of Neopets isn"t linear, doesn"t have a single overarching story, and hasn"t gained a single "ending" point that anyone is working towards. Instead, over there are countless different activities to try, and you"re free to select whichever girlfriend want, and as many or couple of as girlfriend want. (By extension, you"re also complimentary not to get involved in the ones that don"t interest you. Nobody is going to penalise you for having no attention in building a collection or developing a web page.) my advice come you as a newbie is to shot out as numerous of castle as feasible and see which ones fit you. Many players find a couple of activities the they yes, really enjoy and also focus top top those things. If you regulate to attain the goals you set yourself in your favourite areas, climate you have the right to probably case to it is in "winning" at Neopets, also if there"s no congratulatory message and ending credits. ;)

Here are some instances of things that Neopets players (known as "Neopians") often choose as purposes to work-related towards.


Setting a new high-score in among the site"s games and winning a digital trophy and a location in the high-score tables.Taking component in the large whole-site events known together "plots" that pop up every so frequently with puzzles, challenges and maybe even prizes.Collecting avatars--these small icons are the tantamount of video game "achievements". They can be unlocked by owning certain pets, completing particular tasks, visiting areas of the site, or acquiring high scores in games.Designing attractive homepages for your pets.Training her pet to take component in the Neopets Battledome and beat all her friends" Neopets!

Where Now?

Hopefully you"re a small less confused, and ready come start exploring the site for yourself. Yet don"t problem if you"re quiet nervous--aramuseum.org has actually tons of beneficial articles and also game guides to assist you follow me the way, native your first day ~ above the website to your umpteenth year as a Neopets veteran. Here"s a few suggestions for points you could look right into next: