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Are ya" all set for this?. . . What deserve to I include to some flat water-based paint, to do it Semi-gloss, or also Gloss?Thanks, people.Brass2312
Not a gosh darn thing. Because that example, in polyurethane, they take gloss poly and also then include flattening agents to decrease the gloss. They carry out something comparable in level paint. In a an extremely simplistic method to describe it. So, in other words, you wouldn"t include anything to her paint, you would certainly actually eliminate the flattening agents. That is if friend could.

room ya" ready for this?. . . What have the right to I include to some level water-based paint, to make it Semi-gloss, or also Gloss?Thanks, people.Brass2312
Take part high gloss paint of the same form and color, mix it v the flat, and you will obtain something draw close semigloss...
First girlfriend dump the flat paint out. Climate you refill the have the right to with semigloss or gloss paint. Problem solved.
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I"ve intermixed different paints a lot end the yrs and also found the it doesn"t take it a many of flat to diminish the the sheen the the paint. You"d think that half flat and fifty percent gloss would give you semi-gloss but that mixture would be closer come satin.
Nothing really. You could increase the sheen by adding some acrylic resin, but the an ext you carry out that without including pigment and/or flatting agents, the an ext transparent the becomes. It likewise would come to be thicker and also need an ext water to it is in spreadable, therefore diminishing hide even further. There is a reason top shelf SG costs more than peak shelf flat, that takes more resin AND higher quality colors to gain both sheen and also hide.
Buy a have the right to of semi-gloss. Usage the flat for the an initial coat, and also then the semi-gloss for the 2nd coat. Yet make certain you get great coverage with the second coat, or you will certainly be act a third coat simply to acquire an even surface.
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You can"t do it gloss. To make it semi-gloss, you"d need to add so much gloss paint that it yes, really wouldn"t be worth it. Sounds prefer you"re trying to conserve a few bucks i beg your pardon is nice yet there"s no useful method to carry out that.
Thanks an extremely much because that the replies, people.KTownSkier: ns Really choose your signature line about "The only stupid question is the one you DON"T ask!" Seems choose this was currently a relatively Stupid question. But, i asked anyway. Ah, well.XSleeper: Dam, THAT"s Brilliant! WHY didn"t i think the it?! :vs_smirk:JeffNC: Yup, i was gift the cheap bastard that i am. Sounds like it can"t really be done. :sad:OK, Thanks, anyway, people.

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I just added 1 gallon the semi-gloss to my 3 gallons of flat and also it do it around a matte finish...which is specifically what i wanted. Ns opted for that option vs adding a straight gloss additive since I didn"t want to change the shade or consistency of the paint. (I know gloss is clear yet just to it is in safe). Plus it was cheaper to buy a gallon that the same paint than to buy the lot of gloss i needed. Ya just gained to mix very, really well and keep mixing as you go. I supplied a drill attachment mix stick.
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