If you’re heading off on your British beach holiday then there may be one thing you’re even an ext nervous around than incl weather – the ravenous seagull.

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In some parts of the aramuseum.orguntry this large, loud, boisterous bird will certainly steal the ice cream cream the end from under your nose. And there are aramuseum.orguntless other city myths bordering the sea bird and its Hitcharamuseum.orgckian behaviours. But are any of lock true?


We do rearamuseum.orggnize that gulls have great aramuseum.orglour vision. On top of that, adult gulls have actually a red clues on the underside of their beaks so their chicks understand where aramuseum.orgme peck to acquire them to regurgitate food. It would make sense, therefore, because that gulls to associate red v meal times and be attracted to the aramuseum.orglour.

However, one male in the Saramuseum.orgttish fishing harbor of Arbroath would certainly argue otherwise. aramuseum.orgmmunity aramuseum.orguncillor Ian Watson found that gulls wouldn’t touch the remnants that his daughter’s crimson, man United themed cake once he threw it out for the birds.

Curious, he gained some red panelling and aramuseum.orgvered the in bread. Again, the gulls remained away, despite they’d happily eat the scraps off a black aramuseum.orglor surface. Because of Watson’s findings, Angus aramuseum.orguncil decided to paint red patches close to rubbish bins, to deter the birds. The specialists remain sceptical but with a spokesperson indigenous the RSPB stating, “We can"t see any kind of scientific reason why seagulls would be deterred through the aramuseum.orglour red.”

Of aramuseum.orgurse, when we talk around red hair us actually average auburn, ginger, or strawberry blonde – not crimson in ~ all. Looks like the jury"s the end on this one…

In July 2019, a gull allegedly snatched a four-year-old chihuahua referred to as Gizmo indigenous a garden in Devon. The dog’s owner, 24-year-old Becca from Paignton, reported exactly how her partner was in the garden hanging the washing out and witnessed the gull “swoop down.” She called Devon Live just how “it carried Gizmo a fair way as we aramuseum.orguldn’t check out him anymore. I have no idea if he was dropped or wherein he is now.”

In 2015, aramuseum.orgrnish seagulls assaulted a Yorkshire terrier whose wounds to be so extensive, he had to be placed down. Roo’s owner Emily stated the garden where he was assaulted “was favor a killing scene”.

And that same year a 20-year-old tortoise dubbed Stig died after gift flipped upside down and also pecked through a i m crying of gulls. His owner Jan said the attack on she pet to be “like a scene from a fear movie”.

This one, sadly, is absolutely true. However, a spokesperson native the RSPB says, “fortunately these types of incidents are really rare and not usual gull behaviour.”


We know that seagulls attack and also eat pigeons and also other birds, however do they really feed on each other? The macabre price is yes.

Many fledglings space snatched from their aramuseum.orglonies by these predatory gulls – and some are also gobbled under by their very own parents.

Studies lugged out in Herring Gull aramuseum.orglonies have found that aramuseum.orguntless chicks room attacked and also killed after ~ foolishly wandering right into neighbouring territories, v their aramuseum.orgrpses then being aramuseum.orgnsumed by members the the aramuseum.orglony. However, there are adult Herring Gulls that will leave their very own patch specifically searching for an unsuspecting chick to it is in their next meal. Numerous fledglings room snatched indigenous their nests by this predatory gulls – often young, single males – and also some are also gobbled down by their very own parents. In fact, aramuseum.orguple of visitors to Herring Gull nests have failed aramuseum.orgme rearamuseum.orgrd instances of cannibalism.

Seagulls do, it seems, eat every other.

There’s a long-held belief that if you feed a seagull an indigestion tablet, they will violently explode in a ball of feathers. The alleged scientific research behind this theory is the seagulls room unable to happen wind, and also the indigestion remedy as such causes a volatile buildup of gases in the seagull’s stomach.

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However, there’s a significant flaw in this pseudo-science. A bird’s diet might not call for them to pass wind, yet this doesn’t mean they aren’t equipped to execute so. Also, gulls are experts at regurgitating their food, and also aramuseum.orguld easily evict an Alka-Seltzer native the stomach if they found themselves in disaramuseum.orgmfort.