This is my new toilet post, those who follow me have the right to see post like this from time come time.

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There are numerous ways to usage empty toilet file tubes. If you have actually a rabbit as a pet, he would be glad to obtain these tubes to play v them. When I had a rabbit, these to be his favourite toys. Many human being forget to litter empty tubes after they use all record on them, so you have the right to surely find couple of of them in her bathroom. They space interesting and also you have the right to make a lot of different and useful points of them.

When i was 8 or 9 years old, ns made a periscope of north toilet file tubes, a mirror and also some duct tape.

Now, after numerous years, I decided to try to do it again to show you just how to execute it. Maybe some that you, Steemers, it s okay a brand-new idea and these north tubes the toilet paper can be her inspiration, too.

First, let"s talk about things the you"ll require for do your very own periscope.

The just tools you need are scissors.Then, you need a little mirror, you can steal it from your wife"s/mom"s/sister"s/grandma"s makeup set. Be cautious not to brake it, ns don"t desire to it is in responsible for her 7 year of misfortune. Make certain that her mirror have the right to fit in the tube.Duct tape, Scotch tape or any kind of sticky tape.Few empty toilet document tubes.


First you require to reduced two empty tubes at an angle of virtually 45°. See photo below:


Fix the winter on the one of the tubes through the tape. Be sure that you deal with the winter at edge of 45° however in the contrary direction of your cut. View the photo:


The final stage is connecting 2 of this tubes. Inspect the photo:


In mine case, this tubes are various sized. Girlfriend can expand your periscope by adding more tubes at the end of these.

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This is no a skilled tool however it have the right to be advantageous if you live next door come a sexy girl and also only a wall stands between your windows.

Or you can use it as a tool if friend have troubles with your neck spine, together me, and you have obstacles with your neck rotation. Or you deserve to make it simply for fun, to wake up imagination of her kids!