From Trash to Toy

There are rather a few fantastic ways to develop toy cars from recycle material. Empty cartons, old soda cans, plastic bottles, grain boxes also tire tubes have the right to be converted into jazzy vehicles that have the right to run on race tracks or just about the home for countless hours of funny for the little guys.

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Here are two principles to begin with,

Styrofoam Toy Car

You will need:

Styrofoam, thick pieces usually supplied for residence insulationDowelsString or yarnButtons, plastic lids, cut Styrofoam or plastic cups or perhaps old Lego wheelsCutterMarker penHot gluePaint, etc. For decoration


Draw the wanted shape for the body of the vehicle on the Styrofoam and cut it. You will need two piece of the exact same shape and also size because that the sides of the car, one roof and also one rectangular item for the floor.Using the dowel pierce holes into the cut Styrofoam piece to do the front and earlier axle.Depending ~ above what you decided as the wheels, you may need to punch holes in them. If using plastic lids note the centre and punch holes. Make certain your wheel are big enough to lift the car over the ground.Now connect the 4 wheels ~ above the prior and earlier axles made from dowels.Using a piece of wire or yarn, tie one end to the front dowel to it is in used later to traction the car.Now apply hot glue on the three dowels and place the rectangular Styrofoam item on them.The roof is now ready to it is in placed. It need to be reduced in together a means that the fits perfectly in between the two side foams. Warm glue deserve to be applied to affix the roof.The automobile can it is in decorated now using organization papers, paints, or even old magazine pages. That is all set to follow her kid about everywhere the goes.

Doggy Toy Car

You will certainly need:

Old water bottleFour bottle caps, very same sizedStrawBamboo skewerClay or plasticineSticky tape or glueCraft papers - Red, brown, black and also white (you can also use old newspaper pages or brown publication covers or soft cardboard)


Remove the lid of the bottle and place it lying under on the working table.Take the straw and cut it come a size slightly longer than the breath that the bottle. You will require two such straws.Pass the bamboo skewer through the straw.Pierce feet at the center of the bottle caps and pass the bamboo skewer through this hole. Seal with clay or plasticine.Repeat exact same to acquire two straw axles with 4 wheels.Cut a brown craft paper or one old soft cardboard usually offered for packing, into a rectangle-shaped shape and also cover the bottle listed below its neck to form the dog’s body. Secure v a tape.Cut two ears, a black color nose, white and black eyes, red tongue and a brown or black tail from the handmade papers.Stick the ear at the end of the bottle neck, nose on the cap and also the eyes on top. The tongue goes inside the party at the mouth tip and the tail secured with tape at the back.On the turning back side that the bottle, pole the two straw axles through wheels.Doggy toy car is ready to fight the road!You can try all kinds of sports in size or animal designs. Make a whole collection of pet bottle cars come look like a lion, cheetah, elephant or a bear.

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Hours the fun, loads of laughter and incredible racing obstacles are all possible when you make a toy vehicle out of recycle material, and also give her kids new ideas to broaden their toy auto collection the earth-friendly way.