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Palm trees make good yard trees that you deserve to plant follow me your fences to beautify your home. Part species, such as areca palm, can it is in grown at home with proper root management. However how deep carry out palm tree roots grow?Palm trees have a fibrous root mechanism with the roots cultivation shallowly in ~ a depth no exceeding 36 inch deep. They flourish horizontally and remain narrow even as the plant grows taller. Roots kind a root round from the origination zone, v some staying exposed above the ground.

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Palm Tree Root mechanism (Diagram)

The root device of palm trees is quite various from countless other tree that prosper tall. Palms do not develop a taproot; instead, roots arise from the root initiation zone and spread horizontally approximately the tree in ~ the top 36 inches of topsoil.

Above-ground roots room normal in palm trees particularly if they develop on their own. They emerge from the root initiation zone but because they are exposed come a dry environment, they desiccate and also stop growing.Pro tip: When transplanting your palm tree, make sure to dig the hole deep enough such that the source zone is at the very least 2-3 inches in ~ the soil surface.

Do palm trees roots ruin pipes?

The root of palm trees deserve to not damage pipes because they space are narrow and also long, farming horizontally and reasonably shallow. However, large cultivars that palm trees can cause disturbance to plumbing pipes in the soil if planted in the yard.Queen palms, for example, are large and deserve to grow large root balls that can push versus underground plumbing pipes and also cause some damage.If you have drainage pipe under your yard, you might want to plant a variety of palm trees that carry out not thrive too big. The way, you will do it be sure the tree’s root won’t damage your pipes.

Can palm trees damage cement?

Palm trees will certainly unlikely damages concrete and also cement surfaces due to the fact that the roots keep the exact same diameter also as they prosper longer. The slim roots space not likely going to cause cracks and also lines in driveway cement and also even in walls.Other species of roots such as oak can cause damage since their roots grow thicker together the tree ages.If you’re farming palms in her yard, certain you an are them correctly as they can attract nutrients end a big diameter and cause negative ground cover growth.

Removing Palm Tree Roots

If the root of your palm trees room invasive and posing a threat to other structures whereby the plant is growing, removal may be necessary. Uproot the stump and also the root carefully not to damages other equipment such as structure foundations, drainage trenches, and sprinkler equipment in her yard.To remove a palm tree root, dig about the trunk through a shovel come remove about 20-25 inch of soil surrounding the tree. This will give you access to the roots, so reduced them off v an axe and also then destruction up any large roots that might remain.Since the roots of the palm tree can flourish back, use a herbicide that’s solid enough to death off the palm tree and prevent it from growing again. Simply apply Roundup or any glyphosate different herbicide that’s strong enough to death the palm tree and also its roots.Here’s a video clip on just how to remove the roots of a palm tree:

Do palm tree roots thrive back?

Not all ranges of palm trees deserve to grow back after the tribe is cut. Those grow ago are clustering palms, which are well-known to sprout new stems indigenous roots as soon as the trunk is cut off.For many of the other varieties that palm trees, cut the tribe will typical the tree will certainly die, so make sure you’re cutting under your palm trees for lumber or other uses due to the fact that it will not thrive back.Unlike the trunks, the root of the trees commonly regenerate, that is why friend can reduced a particular amount of root from the tree once transplanting and also still have the ability to revive the plant.It is even feasible to prune off roots that grow beyond the root ball and the plant will certainly still survive and revive as brand-new roots rejuvenate. This exercise may, however, threaten the stamin of the tree and make it susceptible to storm damage.


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