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If you room trying to melt perler beads yet can’t use an iron, there space a couple of different methods that you have the right to try. Using an steel is probably the easiest method but if you carry out not have an iron, or if you are trying to create a design that wouldn’t occupational with an iron, try these various other methods.

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When friend are testing out various ways to melt perler beads, it’s a an excellent idea to do a small sample design to use as soon as you try a different an approach for the first time.

That way, girlfriend can figure out exactly how to usage that an approach before making use of it on her actual design and you won’t hazard accidentally destroying it.

1 – usage a warm Pan


Using a warm pan come melt perler beads is the most similar an approach to utilizing an iron. If a pan might not it is in the very first thing the you think of as soon as you room trying come substitute because that an iron, the actual technique isn’t that various from early models of irons.

Before electricity, human being would use steel irons (shaped much the same as the electric-powered irons the we have today) heated up over a warm stove. While technology has advanced the iron, you can still usage this basic idea come substitute because that an electric iron.

To usage this method, friend will have to keep your range heated on about a tool heat. This is since as you space using your hot pan together an iron, the will ultimately lose heat and you will need to periodically collection it earlier on the stovetop to heat up again.

Let your pan sit top top the range for a few minutes, till it gets hot. Leave the stove on medium heat. Cover your perler bead architecture in parchment file and location the hot pan over it, making sure not to push down and also flatten the beads.

Depending top top the warmth of her pan and the size of your perler bead design, you can have to take the pan earlier to the oven to warmth it up again prior to you are done through melting one side of the architecture together.

This must take about the very same time to job-related as an stole would, assuming that you have actually it collection to the ideal heat. When you are done with the first side, flip the architecture to the various other side and repeat the process.

2 – use a Lighter


This an approach will work ideal if you have actually an extra-long lighter. This way, you space not risking gaining your fingers or garments burned, together it would be more tough to regulate the flame of a smaller lighter.

To gain started, make sure you cover your design with parchment paper, simply as you would if you to be going to be making use of a continual electric iron.

Then, every you have to do is revolve on the lighter and also put the flame close come the perler bead design. Store the flame a little bit over the design, no letting the actual fire touch the parchment paper.

This will help the architecture melt an ext evenly and also will save the flame from burn the paper or the beads.

Make sure that girlfriend are progressively moving the lighter roughly the entire architecture so that it heats the surface ar of the perler bead architecture evenly.

This have the right to be daunting to do and you could want to check the design’s development by lifting the record halfway v to see where you must focus an ext heat on. As soon as the very first side is same melted, upper and lower reversal the perler bead architecture to the various other side and repeat this very same process.

3 – usage a Candle


This method is fairly easy in theory but will take part fiddling come actually acquire right. It’s similar to using a lighter, other than this time the flame will be stationary and you will rather be relocating the perler bead style over the flame.

There are two good ways to perform this. In both ways, it’s best to use little unscented tealight candles. If you can’t use tealight candles, other candles should work fine yet might it is in more daunting to use.

In the very first method, ar the tea irradiate candle on a bowl or a dish. Set your perler bead design on a steel heat-proof surface, such as a baking sheet. Location the parchment file under the design instead of over it, together the candle will certainly be heating it from below.

Hold the tray end the candle and move it approximately so that every one of the perler beads acquire heated evenly. It’s a great idea to wear gloves or range mitts so her hands don’t gain burnt.

You could additionally use several candles and place a tray v the perler beads over them. Placed the tealight candle in holders that have actually other wait pockets therefore the flame does not go out, comparable to these.

This way, you do not have to be constantly relocating the tray and also it’s a great way to use a candle to melt a bigger amount the perler beads.

4 – use the Oven


Preheat the range to a short temperature, or around 300 degrees. This could take much longer to sufficiently melt the perler beads but if you set the cooktop to a higher temperature, you danger the beads running together.

Place your style on a baking tray with a sheet of parchment record underneath it. Make certain that you continue to be by the oven and also watch its progress. You desire the beads come stick together but not come melt completely.

It have the right to be simple to lose track of how long lock have remained in the range so if you want to make sure that your style doesn’t get burned or ruined, you need to sit by the cooktop so you deserve to keep one eye on it.

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In this method, you perform not necessarily must flip the design over to do the other side but you deserve to if both sides perform not look same flat. Simply make certain that you take her beads out halfway v to upper and lower reversal them for this reason they don’t overheat.