You can include photos to her projects. All the picture in her iPhoto library space automatically accessible for use in, via the Media Browser. Simply click the photo button, and all of the photos you’ve already imported into iPhoto appear, all set to be added to her projects.

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With your project open up in the job browser, click the Photo switch in the toolbar below the viewer, or choose home window > Photos.Image the the photograph buttonThe home window menu shows up in a light gray bar throughout the peak of your computer screen.Do one of the following:To browser photos, select iPhoto from the pop-up food selection at the height of the photograph browser, and also then scroll v the thumbnails the all her photos. Or, choose an iPhoto album indigenous the pop-up menu to focus your search. If friend don’t see the pop-up menu, drag the gray dot (shown below) increase to disclose it.Image that the gray dot in the photo browserTo find a picture by that filename or keywords, usage the search field below the picture browser. Keywords room case-sensitive.To browser photos taken in ~ or close to the exact same time as an occasion in your video clip library, click come select an occasion in the event Library, choose the “Show photos” checkbox listed below the photo browser, and then select a time range from the pop-up menu.Image the the After you uncover the photo you desire to use, click the photograph to watch a preview in the viewer. Climate do among the adhering to to add it to your project:Drag it between clips or between a clip and a transition. Together you drag, a vertical eco-friendly line appears anyplace friend can include the photo.When you add a photo, by default that is set to stay onscreen for 4 seconds, however you can readjust this duration if friend want. Also, the Ken Burns result is used to the photo, which provides it appear as though the camera is panning across and zooming in on the image. You have the right to modify this effect if friend choose. Refer to the “See also” topics below for much more information.Drag the photograph to a video clip clip; a green include (+) symbol shows up where you have the right to drop it. From the menu that appears, girlfriend can pick to change the video clip with the photograph or insert the photo. If progressed Tools room turned on, friend can add the photograph as a picture-in-picture clip, and also more.To change how long the picture stays onscreen, double-click the picture in your task to open the inspector, and then form a brand-new value, in seconds, in the duration field.If you desire all the picture in your project to have actually the exact same duration, choose “Applies to all stills.” The setup applies come all pictures you’ve already included and come all pictures you include from currently on.Click Done.

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After you add a photograph to your project, you can crop it and include effects to it to do it look grainy or aged, for example. Refer to the “See also” topics listed below for an ext information.
Import video into aramuseum.orgAbout importing HD videoAbout video cable connectorsImport from a camera or camcorderImport native a USB deviceImport indigenous a tape-based camcorderArchive the video on her camcorderIf doesn’t recognize your camcorderImport from various other sourcesFrom a digital still camera or DSLRFrom iPhoneFrom a camera archiveFrom drop BoxFrom HD projectsFrom movie filesImport one project from one iOS deviceRecord video clip into aramuseum.orgStabilize shaky videoStabilize video motionAdjust zoom in stabilized videoIf stabilized video looks blurry or erraticWatch footage and also projectsPlay your videoUse full-screen playbackSkim videoPause video skimmingWatch on a 2nd displayWatch video on various other devicesOn to apologize TVIn former RowOn iPod, iPhone, or iPadMake MobileMe Gallery movie viewable on iPod touch, iPhone, or iPadCreate an projectStart a projectStart a brand-new video projectOverview: NTSC, PAL, and also Cinema layout videoPlan your job with a storyboardWork with a projectOpen an currently projectChange the aspect ratio for her projectChange the name of a projectDuplicate a projectSave changes to a projectFinalize a projectDelete a job or job folderUse project themesOverview: themesSet or change a project’s themeSpecify team information for the sports themeSelect video clips and video clip framesAbout filmstrips in the project browser and Event web browser Step through video clip frame by frameSelect video clip clips and other project elementsSelect a selection of video clip framesSet automatic frame variety selectionFind source video for job clipsAdd and delete video and photos in a projectAdd video to a projectRearrange clips in a projectUse video from her iPhoto libraryCorrect roll shutter distortion in a video clipReplace a video clip clipSplit a video clipInclude the exact same video more than onceDelete video clip from your projectAdd photos from iPhotoAdd tho frames extract from videoAdjust the expression of a still picture or background clipTrim video clipsExtend or shorten a clipTrim unwanted frames native a video clip clipEdit the transition point in between clipsPreview edit quicklyAdd and edit display titlesAdd titles over videoEdit a titleAdjust location durationAdjust how quickly titles fade in and also outReuse the critical title createdMove a location within a projectAdd and edit transitions between clipsAdd transitions in between clipsDisable automatic transitionsChange the layout of transitionsDelete transitionsAdjust the duration of transitionsChange quiet frames in theme-styled transitionsAdd maps and backgroundsAdd a civilization mapAdd elevator clipsUndo alters to a projectCreate a movie trailerCreate a trailerConvert a trailer come a projectPrint a trailerCrop and also apply impacts to video and photosCrop and rotate video clip clips and photosCrop video clip or tho imagesCrop video automaticallyRotate video or photosEdit cropping, rotating, or the Ken Burns effectEnhance video clip and photosTypes of unique effectsAdjust image quality in photos and videoSlow down or speed up videoReverse, rewind, or replay videoEnhance video and image with video effectsAdd a cutaway clipAdd a picture-in-picture clipAdd a side-by-side clipUse a blue-screen or green-screen effectAdd interesting visual therapies to video clipsSynchronize video effects through background musicModify the Ken Burns effectApply panning and zooming (the Ken Burns effect) come videoApply the exact same adjustments come multiple clipsWork v audio and musicAdd audio and also musicAdd lift musicChange the bespeak of elevator musicRecord a voiceoverAdd a sound clipAdd simply the audio indigenous a video clipAdjust audio position and also durationSet where sound or music starts and endsPin elevator music to a video frameExtend a video clip’s audio end the following clipSynchronize video clip with music and also other audioAdd beat markers to audioReposition or eliminate beat markersSynchronize video clip with win markersSynchronize video clip with lift musicAdjust volumeAdjust the volume of an entire audio or video clip clipAdjust the volume the a part of an audio or a video clip clipReduce the volume of contending audioAdjust the price of audio fade-in and fade-outNormalize clip volumeAdjust audio qualityReduce elevator noiseOptimize the sound in video clip and audio clipsAdd an audio effect to a sound or video clipShare your video clip projectAbout picture resolution of mutual projectsPublish your video clip project onlinePublish to MobileMe GalleryPublish a movie come a share websitePublish a movie to Podcast Producer usage your movie in various other Apple applicationsSend your task to iTunesCreate a DVDExport your video clip projectExport movies to the FinderCustomize your QuickTime export with skilled settingsOrganize videoOrganize projectsOrganize the project LibraryCopy or move a project to an exterior hard diskConsolidate a project’s mediaManage EventsAbout Events and also the event LibraryOrganize the occasion LibraryMove a clip native one event to anotherMerge EventsSplit an occasion in twoAdjust the date and also time that a video clipChange the name of one EventDelete video from an EventDelete all excess video from an EventDelete one EventCopy or move occasions to an exterior hard diskIf you can’t see any type of clips in an EventRate and tag videoAbout rating and tagging videoMark and also unmark video as “favorite” or “rejected”Sort because that video significant as “favorite” or “rejected”Add comment markers and chapter markersApply keywords come videoFind video tagged with keywordsMark video that attributes peopleAnalyze video for the existence of peopleFilter for video clip that features peopleMark video that has actually panning motionMark video clip that functions camera pansFilter for video clip with camera pansPrint pictures of event or project clipsOptimize the window for your work styleResize thumbnail imagesExpand or contract filmstripsUse complete ScreenResize the viewerUse Multi-Touch gesturesRearrange the windowShow project clips in a solitary rowShow or hide the event Library or the Keyword Filtering paneDisplay clip durationView date, time, and keywordsTurn on progressed ToolsKeyboard shortcuts and also shortcut menus