Everyone has actually something that they"ve kept from their parents at some point or one more — and also if girlfriend haven"t, then congrats ~ above being just the most painfully wonderful human ever. However, someone posed the question, "What is the biggest secret you’ve kept from your parents?" and received a plethora the responses.

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It have to be highlighted that the person posing the concern asked for severe responses. So, when there might be some funny ones, a most the responses that civilization gave native anonymous account contain quite serious subject matter.

"I in reality DID know why my laptop wasn"t working. I spilled a fair little of Jack Daniel"s ~ above it." - dramaticeffect_

I"d love to recognize what factor they really gave, and also how lock answered the question, "Why does the stink of whiskey?"


"My mum doesn"t understand I"ve been arrested twice, one time v my dad"

Now there is a story behind here that I have to know. Fair play though for managing to hide this from your mother. My mother would be onto us instantly thanks to every those detective novels she reads.

"That I supplied to sneak the end of the house from our 2nd story bathroom window to walk nightclubbing through my friend after mine parents went to bed." - Vyzantinist

Okay, i think the quantity of human being who were guilty the this should be staggering. You"re no alone.

"I just pay escorts to display as my "girlfriend" for this reason they would protect against telling your friends to hook me up with their daughters. Every gathering they would present up satisfy everyone and always have to leave early." - joblagz2

"My dad doesn"t recognize that i was suspended because of grades because that a semester in college." - _ohhello

I personally never construed suspending someone from school, for this reason, clearly they need much more help, no less.

"Okay, this is quite tame compared to these other comments... I occasionally grab having lunch or dinner ~ above the means home native class, and also I don"t call them. If ns did, I"d probably get yelled at for "wasting money as soon as we have actually perfectly great food at home." mine mom"s cooking is good but...sometimes I just want to grab some pizza." - Kent_Knifen

While top top the surface ar this may seem "tame", having time come ourselves to do something simply for us is nothing to be ashamed of, and, heck, pizza is good so you execute you!


"When i was in ~ Walmart v my mom, and also I stole 2 that those huge cartons full of Pokemon Cards. Took the cards and also stuffed them in my earlier pocket. Ns planned the totality robbery a main before. I was the ideal robber at 9" - j-benz

I discovered a loaf of Pokemon cards once cleaning one old room out the various other day and decided ns may also sell them because that a tiny extra cash. Instead, ns spent about three hours looking through them and kept them all.


"When ns was around 14 i overheard my parents arguing. My mother was yelling in ~ my dad about some erotic searches ~ above the computer. That was yes, really me that was walking on the computer system in their room and also watching porn. He preserved denying it and also she preserved calling him a liar. He slept in the guest bedroom for a month after the fight." - postedUpOnTheBlock

Wow, either her Dad was doing an impressive cover job there, or that was more than likely watching other a little risky together well.


"That I"m a lesbian. And that that "friend" who I don"t invite residence anymore is actually my ex..."

Thankfully the world is coming to be a slightly an ext tolerant place; however, there space still a many of world out there whose families do no accept the LGBTQ+ community.


"I make an ext money than I let on. My parents have and will always be the "I take care of friend all her life, time because that you to pay it back" kind of parent. Except there is no finish to this "debt." So ns hide money indigenous them for this reason they can"t take advantage of me" — Nagaisbae

This is a yes, really tricky situation, and an extremely unfair ~ above the human who created this. The reality they feel the this is essential is heartbreaking.

"I snorted mine Ritalin prescription for 7 years before I ultimately started taking it typically again. I remained in so deep and also they never even knew"

Nowadays there are plenty of websites, forums, and also support meetings for civilization struggling with drug addiction which can be located online, or with a counselor.

"I used to clock Southpark as soon as they believed I was sleeping" -

I think the an initial thing ns watched the my parents most likely wouldn"t have actually been happy about was Alien. I was fear witless, however it"s still one of my favourite films.

"I met the male my mom told me was my actual father. Us did a DNA test and there is a 0% chance. He even took me ~ above a white water rafting pilgrimage with his wife and son. I’ve never told her." - the_nightcourt

For some people, occasionally it"s simply much easier to accept and move past something.

"I understand that mine mom’s cheating on my dad. The doesn’t recognize it’s happening (to my knowledge) and she doesn’t know that ns know." - throwaway28386472828

People were rapid to imply that they tell your father; however, it have to be a horrifically unpleasant instance for lock to uncover themselves in.

"My mom always wondered why ns didn"t have actually friends in high school and also it is due to the fact that we were broke and I knew she was struggling so i refused anytime human being wanted to do things so ns wouldn"t ask because that money then in my last year the high school I worked full-time so I had actually no time to do friends" - winenotbecauseofrum

Hopefully now, in later on life, castle have much more time to spend with friends and also family.

"That ns diagnosed bipolar." - bllaaushpibu

Being diagnosed with mental disease can make you feeling isolated, however you aren"t.

Even if friend feel favor you cannot talk to her parents, talk to her friends or other relatives. People will often be more supportive than you think in your head.

"When ns was 17 i rented Not one more Teen Movie watched it and returned it without them recognize out. Castle wouldn’t have approved." - somemetausername

I deserve to safely speak I have actually never watched it; however, ns googled that to check out what that was. All I could think of was there are so many much better movies come rent in ~ that age that her parents most likely wouldn"t have actually approved of. Trainspotting because that instance.

"I discovered my dad’s cocaine. Ns feel choose I don’t understand him anymore. I never ever want the to recognize I uncovered it. I’m still a minor and also still live with them." - rhinoceroblue

"I recorded Gundam Wing: countless Waltz over my sister"s high institution graduation video. It"s been around 18 years, however I still feeling bad." — sheldonowns

Wow, I have the right to imagine the was a harsh minute of realization! This kind of thing is a difficulty that today"s generation will never understand.

"That mine sister is gay. She open admits it come everyone, other than for my family. She opened up come me, eventually but both mine parents and older brothers don"t know about it. Due to the fact that then we"ve end up being a lot of closer than when we to be kids." - vkuma

While we may argue through our siblings together kids, they have the right to really become our closest family in later life and also offer much-needed support.

"They had actually no idea ns left my job with the cable agency to market cars / create up oil changes for virtually a year. I was emotionally charred out native the bullshit and also couldn"t take it it no longer so ns tried switching careers. Didn"t yes, really pan out, however it did get me far from that toxicity shithole of a company." - Lyn1987

A job need to never do you feel favor that. The idea that no one likes their job is a myth. Over there is something out there because that everyone, you just need come look for it.

"I"m pregnant. Ideal now. I plan on informing them yes, really soon. Just waiting until the moment is right. They"re gonna it is in so excited." - pinkcamo37

This one is a lot much more positive than the rest, and I"m sure that they"ll be over the moon!

"I’m no a Christian. They don’t know, and I nothing know exactly how to tell lock I’ve chosen hell over blind faith." - claraboldlygoes

A person"s belief if they determined to have one have to be your choice, not required upon lock by household or circumstance.

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"I told castle that i was act an extra on-site finding out course for uni in i m sorry I would be away because that 31 days interstate. Mine husband sorted out the youngsters so he to be fine. I actually checked out a residential rehab and also got clean and also sober. Didn’t tell them till I was released. Lock literally had no idea." - millypilly83

Well done for seeking aid and see it through. There is nothing to it is in ashamed that in receiving help.