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Here are the features that will certainly graph a heart in a window with an x-max is 10, x-min is -10, y-min is -7, y-max is 7). Come input the front slash usage the divide an essential and to input the inequality signs, press second Math. To use this together a finding out opportunity, reflect on how one might graph a circle and a line and also how I provided these to do a heart. Also, in the curly brackets, i have limited the domain of the semi-circles and the lines. Think about what girlfriend know about domain restrictions and how this is working here. To see the effect of the domain restrictions, try viewing the graph there is no the domain restrictions. Note CORRECTION: i missed two an unfavorable signs as soon as I post this. I have drawn them in with red pen. Oopsy!

Math 30-1 students, ask yourself just how I supplied transformations the a one to make the an initial four functions. Look front to conics to uncover our curriculum items related to circles and graphing.

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All students: to compare the Pythagorean Theorem to the attributes that graph a circle. A semi-circle v radius 3 can be graphed with y=sqrt(9-x^2) which comes from 3^2=x^2 + y^2. Check out part youtube videos about how to graph a circle (a set of points equidistant indigenous a provided point.

More for All: can you graph an arrow through this heart utilizing y=mx+b? Happy Valentines, everyone.

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Challenge: deserve to you number out exactly how to get rid of the extra bits of line at the bottom? Or have the right to you readjust the home window so the the present are just visible whereby you want them.