As you exit the absent Tunnel friend will notice some comfortable trainers because that you to battle! Excellent! The an initial and nearest is Picnicker Carol, who has a Level 21 Pidgey worth 247 XP, and also a Level 21 Pidgeotto worth 508 XP and also $420.

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Near by is Hiker Clark with a Level 21 Geodude worth 387 XP, and also a Level21 Onix worth 486 XP and $756. ~ above the various other side of the surrounding ledge is an additional Hiker named Trent who has a Level 19 Onix precious 439 XP, and also a Level 19 Graveler precious 544 XP, and also $684.

Patrolling surrounding is Pokemaniac Herman, who has a Level 20 Cubone precious 372 XP and also a Level 20 Slowpoke worth 423 XP and $960.

After that battle head with the cut and into Lavender Town.

-- Lavender city --

The first thing the you room going to desire to do is visit the Pokecenter, where you have the right to heal and also save. If your endure in the Tunnel is anything prefer mine, you more than likely needed the heal. With that taken treatment of, talk to the civilization in the Pokecenter -- one will tell you about Cubone"s mom being killed, and also the bloke in the corner tells you the Cubone is a beneficial Pokemon. The old man by the counter reminds you that Team Rocket is a threat, but you knew that.

Head outside and visit the house directly south the the Pokecenter -- the is the Lavender Volunteer Pokemon residence -- the residence of Mr. Fuji, an kindly old soul who looks after orphaned Pokemon. He is not here, and also the volunteers space worried about him! just for giggles read the newspaper on the table, and also then head the end the door.

There are two residences south of here -- the one ~ above the left is where the orphaned baby Cubone is being taken treatment of -- speak to the mrs inside to hear her outrage. The one ~ above the best is the home of the main Name Rater -- a bloke that will advice the name you have chosen for your Pokemon and, under specific circumstances, even permit you to adjust its name! If he rates the surname Decent or lower, you can adjust it, however you cannot rename traded Pokemon!

To the east is the town Poke Shop -- head in there now and talk to the bloke in the earlier to learn about items that alter your Pokemon"s stats in battle, if the bloke in the corner will phone call you around Revives. The boy on the aisle tells you about double battles, wherein you fight 2 Pokemon at the exact same time, if you are curious, yet now that is time to talk to the clerk in ~ the respond to to view what castle have, and re-stock ours kit for every one of the items the we supplied up in the Tunnel!

If you have anything an important to sell, currently is a an excellent time to do it, though v that lengthy line of trainers we just finished battling you should not be quick on money! The Shop here stocks good Balls -- a brand-new item to us -- and also Super Potions and also the various other standard kit items. Inspect your supplies and top castle off. In ~ this suggest you most likely want come keep approximately 10 or more of all of the stat-cures together there room times ahead when we will certainly not be conveniently nearby to one of two people a Shop or a Pokecenter!

They additionally sell supervisor Repel right here -- having actually a few of those cannot be a bad thing -- they come in handy once things have gone really wrong and you need to be able to get out of an area or through tall grass without having to fight. I am simply saying, that is good to it is in prepared!

-- Pokemon Tower --

Haunter in the Pokemon Tower

After you complete up in the shop, head straight north to the Pokemon Tower, i beg your pardon is really the only interesting thing in the town! as soon as you heard talk earlier about a haunting here, this is what they were referring to...

First thing you want to carry out is head inside and chat with the human being here, beginning with the bloke top top the left, who is here to pray because that his Clefairy. Talking to the respond to person fills you in top top what the Tower is for, and also the Channeler and the various other pair that mourners space there for flavor.

The spooky music and also our uncertainty around what lies ahead are sufficient to optimal interest, right?

We may as well get this present on the road and also head increase the stairs through the counter now -- and also find ourself in an aggro area! the guy over looks familiar... Can it be... No! it is! Gary!

-- Rival battle --

That is best mate, the is time because that our following Rival Battle! and also this time Gary has lastly learned a bit around battling through Pokemon!

He beginning the battle with his Level 25 Pidgeotto, which is worth a cool 604 XP! next comes his Level 25 Wartortle, worth a sweet 765 XP, complied with by his Level 23 Growlithe, worth 448 XP. Gary"s Level 22 Exeggute is next, precious a kind 462 XP, followed by his Level 20 Kadabra precious 621 XP and $900.

After the battle Gary insults you, declare to have actually taken it basic on you, and also then asks you around your Dex, boasting that he recently captured a Cubone himself. After he pipeline you have the right to head earlier to the Pokecenter come heal and also save if friend took any type of damage, then start looking about the area. ~ all, there room some Pokemon here that we want to catch, right?

-- ago in the Tower --

Cross the room and also talk to the trainer was standing by the stairway -- that mentions that a Silph Scope would probably aid you to recognize the mystery ghosts here... The smoke in the air below is a sign that must tell you the wild encounters space possible... And also of food there room trainers here for us to battle!

Ahead over is Channeler Hope, who has actually a Level 23 Gastly precious 468 XP and also $736. Over her top top the ground is a treasure sphere with an escape Rope in it.

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The first trainer below is Channeler Patricia, who has a Level 22 Gastly precious 447 XP and also $704.

At this suggest we find that us cannot do battle with the wild Pokemon right here without a Silph Scope, so we may also leave because that now. We will come earlier when we are appropriately equipped because that this challnge, so because that now, fight the Pokecenter come heal and save, and then head come the west side of town to proceed our adventure!