From Orgrimmar, take it the zeppelin come the Undercity.

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in ~ the Undercity, walk to the Magic quarter to Oran Snakewrithe near the facility area the the Undercity. Acquire Lines the Communication.


Fly to Tarren Mill, Hillsbrad Foothills. ride southeast right into The Hinterlands.


Head increase the mountain path come Shindigger's Camp. Get A difficult Situation. ride southeast come Revantusk Village. Get every one of the countless quests here, as soon as done, your pursuit log because that The Hinterlands must look like: A difficult Situation Avenging the Fallen Cannibalistic Cousins Gammerita, Mon! Hunt the Savages Message to the Wildhammer Stalking the Stalkers Vilebranch Hooligans Lard lost His Lunch Snapjaws, Mon! The Atal'ai Exile (from an previously chain in the Swamp the Sorrows) Whiskey Slim's lost Grog (from Stranglethorn Vale) Sprinkle's an enig Ingredient (from an earlier chain in Tanaris)


Head north and also kill 10 Saltwater Snapjaws as well together Gammerita. Pick up 12 Pupellyverbos harbor along the coastline. Head around ago south and also up the course to the very first troll camp. This is a feasible spawn ar for Slagtree's lost Tools - it may also be in one more camp elsewhere. If not here, continue on and also search for the devices in every one of the next actions in any kind of camp. Head northwest to one more troll camp. Kill all the trolls in the area and also search because that Slagtree's lost Tools. Head northweest to one more troll camp. Death all the trolls in the area and search for Slagtree's shed Tools. Head southwest and kill all the wildlife below - death 10 Savage Owlbeast, 5 Silvermane Stalker, and look for the Razorbeak Skylord which wanders approximately the area. Death it because that the Skylord Plume. Head phibìc to Skulk Rock. Open up Horde supply Crates for Hinterlands honey Ripple - also, look for Slagtree's lost Tools. Head west to an additional troll camp. Complete killing 6 Vilebranch Scalper and 2 Vilebranch Soothsayer here and also search because that Slagtree's lost Tools. This is the last location where the tools generate is feasible - if you haven't discovered them yet, they room in a ahead area friend visited. Head west to Agol'watha. Open Horde it is provided Crates for 10 Hinterlands honey Ripples. Head west come Quel'danil Lodge. Clean your means around the lodge area and also kill 8 Highvale Scout, 5 Highvale Outrunner, 5 Highvale Ranger, and 2 Highvale Marksman while you clear your means to the Highvale Notes, Highvale Report, Highvale records to burn them. Highvale note are ~ above the west side of the lodge Highvale Report is to the phibìc of the lodge, under the gazebo Highvale records are inside the lodge

Then, when you've completed every the objectives, talk to Rin'ji inside the lodge and also escort that out through the escort pursuit Rin'ji is Trapped!.

walk to Shindigger's Camp - you need to climb increase from the west side, again.


at Shindigger's Camp
, rotate in A Sticky case and get the follow-up Ripple Delivery. Head east to Hiri'wantha. Gain Venom Bottles, a quest that starts from the Venom party on the tables in the troll ruins. (If you have actually the Atal'ai Exile quest from the Swamp of Sorrows chain) Go more south to the Atal'ai Exile increase the southern temple. Rotate in The Atal'ai Exile and get the follow-up Return to Fel'Zerul. (If you have actually the Sprinkle's an enig Ingredient pursuit from the Tanaris chain) Head northeast and also dive right into the lake for a Violet Tragan. around the area and to the north, kill 10 Silvermane Howler along the way in the area. If you've obtained a Distress Beacon OOX-09/HL by currently - a rarely drop from any kind of random crowd in the zone - go to the Robotic Chicken and turn in Find OOX-09/HL! gain the follow-up escort quest. Run and also clear in former of the chicken due to the fact that it has low fight points. Friend will face 2 ambushes that 3 mobs every - allow the chicken assault one and draw aggro if you face the various other 2. drive northeast and jump off the waterfall. Under it, you'll discover Cortello's Chest - open it to finish Cortello's Riddle. swimming northeast to an island and also open Lard's Picnic Basket. 2 trolls will ambush girlfriend - death them and loot the basket.

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swim southeast come an island. On peak of it is a tablet computer called Rin'ji's Secret. Turn in Rin'ji is Trapped! and get the follow-up Rin'ji's Secret. return to Revantusk Village.

*'s Horde Tanaris Leveling guide Level 48