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Go talk to steven,he have to be in the woods after you pass v the town where there are tree house"s.

When you"re in fortree city and also you can"t get into the gym, go eastern out the fortree, with the long grass and also go west till you watch steven, then speak to him. He will certainly say obtain ready for battling and also a keckleon will appear. Do it faint or record it (its up to you). Then when the fight is over steven will provide you the deven scope

Go past fortree and find stevin on the leg he will certainly talk come you and a kecelion appers battle and ketch it and also stevin will give it come you

I fainted the pkemon steven offered me devon scope however I"m not finding that in my bag. What to carry out pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

First you need to go to route 120 go right then you"l view the 2 reporters. Then walk down and there is a bridge pass v it and also you"ll watch steven there. Climate he"s walk to provide you the devon scope

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