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I had not used this Maglite flashlight for a while. When I tried to usage it, the bulb did not illuminate. When I tried to inspect the batteries, tright here were signs they were dead and had leaked. Tbelow was corrosion and also the batteries did not slide out with ease as is usual. The photo shows my Maglite after I supplied the procedures in this Instructable.

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I know Maglites have actually a warranty. Still, there would certainly be a shipping expense that is even more than I want to pay.


Sheet metal screwWood dowel and fine sandpaperThin brass sheet


Pocket knifeDrillScrewdriverPliers (maybe additionally a vise and a hammer)Scissors


I rapped the flashlight sharply on a protective surconfront. One battery relocated and also progressively came out, but one was very stuck. I did attempt a thin oil, choose WD-40, yet it did not loosen the stuck battery.


I needed a method to pull the stuck battery. I drilled right into its center as best I could and also put a sheet metal screw. The battery was already very dead. I was not concerned about generating warmth from a brief. First, I tried utilizing a pair of slip joint pliers to pull the battery with my bare hands. It still did not move. I protected the flashlight with a rag and put it into a vise. Then I gripped the sheet metal screw via a pliers so I could use a hammer to loosen the battery and eject it from the open up finish of the flashlight. Results were not prompt, yet I did acquire the stuck battery out.


A thin blade on a pocket knife deserve to be valuable for scraping away corrosion inside the flashlight. But, it may additionally be necessary to fold a spilgrimage of sandpaper over a wooden dowel rod around the size of the battery diameter and also job-related the sandpaper ago and also forth to rerelocate corrosion. Scrape corrosion from the finish cap shown in the photo as much as possible, especially the small metal tabs that contact the insides of the flashlight barrel.


After rerelocating as a lot corrosion as feasible, the flashlight would certainly light if the finish cap was just a small loose. The flashlight was not reputable. Sometimes it did not light at all. Sometimes it lit, yet only faintly.


It appeared as if the steel tabs on the finish cap did not really make great call with the inside of the flashlight barrel. I have some brass sheet only a couple of thousandths of an inch thick. I cut a strip about 3/16" wide and also about 7/8" lengthy with a scissors. I slipped it into the spring on the end cap, and let the ends cover the steel tabs. When I screwed the end cap into the flashlight, it works dependably.

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I decided to experiment with aluminum from a soft drink can. See the second photo. The steel spilgrimage is a tiny thicker. I likewise cut it a small bigger and a little shorter. I scraped amethod the coating on both sides and checked via an electric meter to be specific good contact is available. The aluminum sexpedition is beside the call points, not over them. But, it works!

The ideal would be always to install new batteries prior to they leak. I now have actually a prompt on my calendar to rearea batteries in the Maglite flashlights we have every year.