Spiritomb can be a little tricky to find in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl as there are a number of steps you’ll need to take in order to add it to your team.

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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl feature plenty of iconic Pokemon for Trainers to catch, but some are much harder to find than others. Just like Munchlax and Lucario, Spiritomb is another monster that requires a number of requirements to be met before it can be encountered. In fact, it can be incredibly easy to miss Spiritomb if you’re not already familiar with the catching method.

While the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes will likely bring a few minor changes to Gen 4, the Pokemon and their catching methods will probably remain unchanged. This means that the requirements for obtaining Spiritomb will likely be the same. If you wish to add the elusive dual Ghost/Dark-type to your team, then you’ll certainly need a bit of patience.


How to catch Spiritomb in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

The Pokemon CompanyCatching Spiritomb can take quite a lot of time.

To avoid KOing Spiritomb, we recommend saving the game before you battle it. After all, the dual Ghost/Dark-type is only level 25 when you encounter it. With your game successfully saved, simply interact with the well and capture it.

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Now that you know how to add Spiritomb to your team in Diamond and Pearl, you’ll be ready for the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Remakes. Be sure to check out our Pokemon hub for all the latest Pokemon guides and news.