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In the Ruby/ Sapphire there are many unusual means to evolve Pokemon. Feebas evolving through beauty is pretty weird, however it"s nothing contrasted to the method used to obtain a Shedinja.

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Shedinja chin is a pretty weird Pokemon. That only has actually 1 HP, but (thanks to it"s Characteristic- Wonder Guard) only assaults that are Super Effective versus it will damage it. This means that uneven it is versus a Pokemon the knows a Fire, Flying, Rock, soil or Dark relocate it is invincible, which relying on the adversaries Pokemon, can be pretty useful in your team, offering you return it at the appropriate times.

Shedinja is the evolve that Nincada. What? girlfriend scream. Yet my Nincada (if friend bothered girlfriend bothered come train one up) advanced into a Ninjask! How can I obtain a Shedinja now?

The answer is to train increase a brand-new Nincada. Make certain that friend only have 5 or less Pokemon in her party and a Pokeball the some type in her backpack. Then train your Nincada as much as Level 20, and also it will certainly evolve right into Ninjask. However what"s this? Something has actually filled the empty space in mine party! Why, it"s a Shedinja!

Shedinja appears when friend evolve Nincada right into Ninjask, providing that over there is a Pokeball the some type in your backpack and also a room in her party, friend will get Shedinja. The way the Pokedex defines this is that as soon as Nincada evolves into Ninjask, it leaves it"s original shell behind. This covering is an alleged to contain some kind of ghost, i beg your pardon is why Shedinja is part Ghost type. Yes its unethical, no that doesn"t make any sense, however trust me, that works.

Thanks come Typhlosion for this!

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kekisheep on sat 16 Jun 2007 14:01:27 UTC.
"But what"s this! Why, it"s a Shedinja!"....i LOL"d.
espeon32 ~ above Thu 26 Jul 2007 00:48:58 UTC.
so that is skin is alive? ew
~ above Mon 24 Sep 2007 23:21:17 UTC.
i walk it!!!!! i had actually a shiny one!
laironlover77 top top Wed 26 Sep 2007 23:11:39 UTC.
I have actually one named Shadow.

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pokedude49 ~ above Tue 06 Nov 2007 00:06:08 UTC.
i already knew that
pokedude49 on Tue 06 Nov 2007 00:06:36 UTC.
and i have5
ameiliaketchum on satellite 17 Nov 2007 15:55:48 UTC.
i go that. Ns hav one. Ns dont usage it, though. I obtained that cheaqt from... Uh...*blanks out*
ameiliaketchum on sat 17 Nov 2007 16:16:38 UTC.
i go that. I hav one. I dont use it, though. I got that cheaqt from... Uh...*blanks out*
Latios_Master on sat 18 Oct 2008 04:44:11 UTC.
mine is called LOL.... LOL
dragonmasterlance ~ above Tue 07 Apr 2009 13:18:08 UTC.
mine doesn,t have wonderguard
Guest on sat 13 Dec 2014 03:40:34 UTC.
finnily i acquired one
Guest ~ above Tue 16 Dec 2014 01:20:20 UTC.
i currently got a lvl 100 glowing shedinja and in the elite 4 i bet there crying
Guest top top Tue 16 Dec 2014 01:20:42 UTC.
Guest ~ above Thu 17 Sep 2015 02:33:50 UTC.
i constantly lose v it hitting chin while confused
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