I to be a jam maker! every year I can’t wait for the raspberries for this reason I deserve to start making raspberry jam. (Here is my *famous* recipe.) however what around the seeds? I acquired you extended with the easiest method to deseed raspberries. Use a juicer. It may be a mess however stop struggling v a sieve.

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Seriously. You have far better thing to execute than struggle!

Why do I deseed raspberries? years ago, I usage to make raspberry jam, seeds and all. Then human being started complaining the it was as well seedy. I was perplexed why civilization were complaining. Then ns tasted my jam and also yep, it was too seedy.

I think the is a sensory thing. People just don’t choose the seeds.

How to DeSeed Raspberries:


So how was ns going come de-seed the raspberries? This is not basic task. I tried a strainer and also pushed the raspberries to separate the fluid from the seeds. Means too hard.

Then i tried a potato ricer. Again, means too hard and also it didn’t work.

Since I have actually every appliance well-known to mankind, I witnessed the juicer waving in ~ me behind the ice cream tea maker. (Yes, I have actually one of those machines too.) and by golly, that worked.

What a mess.

But that works.

Closing increase the garden is my loss priority. I freeze my raspberries since I don’t have actually time to make my jams appropriate away.

I think my chaos is due to the fact that I use thawed frozen raspberries so there is a many liquid in the freezer bags.

I don’t know if my maker is qualified of juicing frozen raspberries.

The top to use the Juicer:


The tricks? You need to keep feeding the left end pulp of seeds and also juice back into the juicer. I must have actually fed the pulp right into the juicer around 4 to 5 times. I stopped once the pulp to be dry looking.

You will have to following:

2 bowlsJam potRubber spatula.

You will usage one key to dump the gooey pulp indigenous the plastic container indigenous the juicer. The an initial time you juice the raspberry, literally fifty percent of the raspberries will be your an initial round of pulp.

My juicer isn’t a good model therefore your device may execute a much much better job then mine. Friend may have actually less”trips” come the an equipment to wring the end the pulp.

Also, the optimal of my juicer is yes, really small. I dump part pulp in the top and also the rest in a bowl. (In jam-juicer lingo, we contact this the overflow bowl.)

Each time, I proceed to feeding the an equipment with the bowl full of pulp.

If you are obsessed v your raspberries favor I am, take a rubber spatula and also scoop out the liquid. I grow and also pick these darn raspberries therefore you far better believe that I obtain every autumn of goodness.

Every drop!


The other bowl is for the pulp that is dry like. (See photograph above.)

I also use a Pyrex 8 cup measure up cup to catch the juice. When the juice volume is 6 cups, i dump that in mine jam pot. Ns have operated with 8 cups but 6 cups of fluid is easier.

Don’t litter Away the Pulp

Don’t throw away the pulp. Usage it to make crackers or for smoothies. The seed are quite nutritious.

If ns don’t do crackers, ns freeze the seeds in small glass containers therefore I deserve to use them for smoothies.

I usually have 9 bags of raspberries in mine freezer so I break-up up the work into 2 days.

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Just one more FYI. Raspberry fluid is really sticky. Clean the up ideal away. Otherwise, friend will need to use some elbow grease come clean that up.