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By pokefighterboy (ShaoJing)
R A Y Q U A Z AContents1.About Me

2.Guide3.Battling v Rayuaza 4.FAQs5.End 1. About Me Hi, ns am ShaoJing.This is my very first guide so please do not laugh at me.Feel freeto send me emails regarding rayquaza.My email is pokefighterboy

See more: What Is The Formula For Iron Iii Nitrate Nonahydrate, Ferric Nitrate 2. Overview To get Rayquaza, you have to defeat the upstream four. Once you beat them, goget mach bicycle in mauville city. Then walk to pacidfiglog town, if girlfriend haven't godown indigenous mossdeep all the way then west. Currently go to buy ultra balls and also timerballs. To me, ns bought 50 ultra balls and also 10 timer balls. Be sure to have actually apokemon that have the right to do sleep or paralysis. *Timer balls room bought indigenous rustboro town, the town whereby you gain your firstbadge. My Pokemon: Kyogre lvl 59, Sceptile lvl 49, Camerupt lvl 48, Beautifly lvl 51,Aggron lvl 53, Wingull lvl 12(for paris in case) as soon as you are equipped with mach bikes and also balls,go come pacidfiglog and also surf northeast it spins you see an opening north.Surf north,west and also then follow the trail toa cave. Go through the cave and also go west climate north to enter a tower. You space in a tower called Sky Pillar.The pokemon below are an effective so the mightbe a difficulty facing them, especially Golbats v their annoying speed and meanlook. Wild Pokemon: Claydol, Golbat, Sableye, Banette, Dusclops, Altaria(very veryrare!) and also the legendary pokemon we're seeking, Rayquaza. The pokemon here are lvl 48+, beware! very first floor is simple, just go increase the stairs. Now the problem starts here,you need to ride her mach bike and go through allthe crack on the ground there is no stopping!Ride under then west and also then north east. Third floor is as easy as very first floor. 4th floor is pretty annoying as it is tougher than 2nd floor.Ridedown,left,then north east and stop at one of two people the two cracks in ~ the mostnorthern side. You have to drop earlier down at 3rd floor.Go come the stairs behind you. Go to the stairs alongside you. Easy.Go every the way to the following stairs. Behold!The mighty green beast just lies beyond!Save her game and then talk torayquaza. Girlfriend will battle rayquaza. Rayquaza lvl 70(wow!) Moves:Rest,Outrage,Fly,Xtremespeed You have to be utilizing a pokemon that have the right to sleep or paralyzes him as your leadingpokemon.Once he acquired the status problem as suggest, beat him under to redhp(hopefully no fainted,if not restart)Then start throwing balls prefer mad!Once the battle gone really long and you quiet haven't recorded him, begin throwingtimer balls.He is quite difficult to catch.If girlfriend still can't record him,then keepthrowing ultra balls if you offered up timer balls.You should captured him by now.If you accidentally death him,restart. 3.Battling with Rayquaza as soon as you caught Rayquaza, teach that some great moves and also let him hold leftoverswhich deserve to be found in S.S Tidal. Mine rayquaza is something favor this. Rayquaza:Leftovers OutrageThunderboltFlamethrowerEarthquake This is rather balanced and well arranged, at least to me.Ok, if girlfriend arefighting dragon pokemons, you have the right to do outrage…Water/Flying, usage thunderbolt,Fire/Steel/Rock, use earthquake and also use flamethrower ~ above bug/grass/steel types. If you space facing dual battle, acquire a solid partner like metagross orblaziken,in my case. 4.FAQs Q:Why acquire rayquaza? A:Silly question, girlfriend can acquire a difficult pokemon,get another pokedex data and also itlooks very cool! Q:Is rayquaza a legend pokemon? A:Yes Q:Can friend only gain rayquaza once? A:Yes, no if someone profession rayquaza for some of your pokemon. 5.End I provide thanks to the following civilization for helping my guide. 1.Stephen Ng because that posting the guide2.My brothers for helping me v the move of rayquaza3.Me for creating the guide=)4. And you for reading the guide.