The start of PokémonGold and also Pokémon Silver onVirtual Console has provided us the chance to take a 2nd look at few of thoseclassics" most iconic, fun, and memorable events. Covering both the Johto andKanto regions, this sprawling games have no shortage of stuff to do—but we"venarrowed down our perform to 10 tasks you just shouldn"t miss. Also, besure to inspect out ours visitor"s guide to Johto, a roundup of also moretips, activities, and also moments of attention to brand-new players and also returning Trainersalike.

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10. Catch RedGyarados

Meeting red Gyarados in ~ the Lake that Rage is one of the mosticonic moments in the background of Pokémon. For many Trainers, it"s the firstShiny Pokémon ever before encountered in the wild. To endure this for yourself,head north from Mahogany Town and also then usage Surf to discover the red Gyaradoswaiting patiently in the center of the lake. You"ll have actually only one chance tocatch red Gyarados here—if you knock the end the Pokémon, the won"t come back. Buteither way, girlfriend will obtain the Red Scale, i m sorry leads us to...

9. Gain the Exp. Share

Leveling increase Pokémon can take rather a while, but the Exp.Share provides it a small easier. In PokémonGold and Pokémon Silver, friend canexchange the Red range you acquired from the fight with red Gyarados because that an Exp.Share. Take it the Red range to a guy on course 30 who goes by the awesome name of Mr.Pokémon and he"ll do the swap. Then, be sure to give the item to among yourPokémon to hold. Note that unlike an ext recent games in the series, just the Pokémonthat holds it will benefit from the mutual experience earned in battle.

8. Play the card FlipGame

The Goldenrod City Game edge has great stuff obtainable forthose who have actually the coins. No only can you get three of the most powerful TMs, it"sa good place to add several cool Pokémon to your party. Yet those coins have the right to behard come come by, for this reason we indicate heading right to the map flip game. The oddsof winning this game are in her favor, and don"t count on perfect timing. Just keep playing and watch yourpile of coins grow!

7. Leave Pokémon withDitto at a Pokémon work Care

Finding one Egg have the right to be notoriously tricky, yet you can makethe process much easier with the usage of Ditto. The change Pokémon deserve to bepaired through just about any Pokémon in the Pokémon Day care to produce a PokémonEgg (Legendary Pokémon excluded). That doesn"t even matter what sex the otherPokémon is. Much better still, you have the right to encounter Ditto in the wild just external ofthe Pokémon Day care on route 34 south of Goldenrod City. Record one and also leaveit in the Pokémon job Care, climate watch the Pokémon Eggs roll in.

6. Conference Laprason Friday

The rumors the a special Lapras in Union cavern are really! This elusivePokémon shows up alone deep at the bottom of the cavern exclusively ~ above Fridays, somark her calendar. As soon as that day comes, you far better be ready—Lapras deserve to be reachedonly if you have a Pokémon the knows Surf, and also it"s a long method down, so a fewRepels might be useful. Simply be well-prepared to battle, together Lapras has a lot ofHP. Don"t worry if girlfriend aren"t able to catch Lapras top top your very first try—it willreturn, but you"ll need to wait until one more Friday comes follow me to shot tocatch it again.

5. Complete YourUnown Dex

The background of the damages of Alph is greatly lost come time,but at the time of Pokémon Gold and also Pokémon Silver, it"s filled withmysterious Unown. Take it your best shot at finding every 26 Unown shapesrepresenting the 26 letter of the alphabet. It"s not straightforward task, however aworthy score of any true Trainer. To do tracking i m sorry of these enigmaticPokémon you"ve recorded a little easier, catch three or more Unown, climate returnto the lab exterior the ruins. There, a scientist will give you one Unown Pokédexexclusively because that this purpose. Funny fact: once you captured all 26 Unown in theoriginal Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver for game Boy Color, yougot special stamps to publish out top top the video game Boy Printer. All you"ll get now isthe satisfaction that comes from hard work and some bragging rights. An excellent job,Trainer!

4. Loss the Karate Master

As you do your means through Mt. Mortar, don"t miss theopportunity to brawl with the talented Karate Master, who will come at you witha Hitmonlee and a Hitmonchan. If you"re able come beat this Trainer and you have an open up spot in her party,he"ll hand end a Tyrogue. Tyrogue is distinct in the it can evolve at Lv. 20into Hitmonlee if its strike is greater than that is Defense, or Hitmonchan if itsDefense is higher than that Attack, or Hitmontop if the stats space equal. It"s theonly way to obtain any of these Pokémonin Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver, therefore don"t miss out on Tyrogueand setup your development accordingly.

3. Get a grasp Ball

There"s only one understand Ball in Pokémon Gold and also PokémonSilver, and also you"ll need to make it through all Johto"s Gyms to gain it.After beating the final Gym, head back to brand-new Bark Town whereby you began youradventure and return come Professor Elm"s lab. He"ll hand over the grasp Ball toreward her battling expertise. It"s probably wise to conserve it for once youencounter a roaming Raikou, Entei, or Suicune, which room as elusive together they aretough to beat. And this leads united state to...

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2. Unleash the Beasts

The legendary trio of Raikou, Entei, and Suicune aremajestic, ferocious, and really hardto catch. Once you"ve survived the shed Tower, the three Pokémon willbegin come roam the land. Simply finding them have the right to be difficult, together they relocate arounda lot. Not just that, however every time you usage Fly, they readjust their position. Andwhen you finally do encounter them, they have actually a nasty habit of running away!Save yourself a tiny effort by using that understand Ball on among them, thenplot the end a arrangement to use standing moves that make them sleep to store the remainder of themin battle. And also note that they won"t come ago if girlfriend knock them out, uneven innewer games. Us recommend maintaining a strong Pokémon that knows False Swipe inyour party when you monitor them down.

1. Capture One MoreLegendary Pokémon

The legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh or Lugia deserve to be recorded in Pokémon Gold or Pokémon Silver, respectively, prior to taking ~ above the elite Four. Butit isn"t until much later in the game that Trainers can have a shot at catchingthe other legendary Pokémon in theirgame. When your travels take it you every the means to Pewter City in Kanto, look foran enlarge gentleman who will hand over an object that allows you encounter theopposite Pokémon the the one girlfriend caught: he"ll give you a silver- Wing if you"re playingPokémon Gold, and also a Rainbow soup if you"replaying Pokémon Silver. What anincredible gift to cap off her epic journey!

Pokémon Gold and also Pokémon Silver are overflowing with great moments aroundevery turn. ~ you discover these 10 activities, keep exploring the amazingJohto and Kanto regions for more interesting events. Good luck, Trainers!