So, I'm quiet rather brand-new to fire emblem, I've only beaten sacred Stones. For this reason I pick up my various other fire emblem on the gameboy advancement (it has actually no title to my knowledge), and start playing. I determined this game I'm walk to do as many relationships together possible, in enhancement to beating the game. Ns looked increase all feasible combinations, and also came across the character Dart. It says he comes right into Hector's project on ch 17, but I'm there, and no dart. Have the right to anyone phone call me how to get him?


Automatically native the start (if you checked out Ch 16x | 17x, the must have survived that chapter)

16x refers to Eliwood's story, 17x describes Hector's story.

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For future reference, Serenesforest is the finest place for technical FE stuff/reference information. :)

Did you kill him in Ch. 16x? That's the level where they're buying gives before setting off ~ above Fargus' boat, wherein you have the right to arena abuse.

16x? 16 is as soon as I fulfill with Lyndis and we get in her castle. There's a next mission from that? I'm doing Hector's campaign, every level is 1 after eliwoods, can the wiki be wrong, and also it median 18 for Hector's, no 17?

The only method to acquire him is come make certain that at the very least one of the guards lives in thing 16.

After that, go on to the side quest and don't kill him in that mission, he'll appear as an enemy, yet won't communicate or strike you.

After that, he'll present up in thing 18.

You walk not miss out also greatly. When Berserkers are absolutely incredible (easily among the the strongest classes in FE), cultivating them in FE7 is an encumbrance that its own and also Hector is candid the only axe user girlfriend need.

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I think you can get Dart even if friend don't beat 16x. He joins a couple of missions afterwards dread island regardless. At the very least I think that was the case. My very first playthrough that the game I to let go just around every secret mission ~ above eliwood normal


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