I"m trying to find all the methods to rise Friendship in Pokemon X and Y. Keep in mind that Friendship is different from Pokemon Amie Affection; lock both do different things.

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Boosts Happiness

Walking 128 stepsGetting a massage (Cyllage City)Using vitaminsLevelling upUsing EV berriesSoothe Bell (Shalour City)

Reduces happiness

FaintingUsing bitter medicine

Trading resets a Pokémon come its base happiness

Here is the pleasure page indigenous Bulbapedia. It has not yet been updated for XY, but the increases from Gen V have not altered.



You can usually get a Pokémon to have actually it"s friendship increased in countless ways really. Like, if you give your Pokémon vitamins favor protein, carbos, etc.. You can likewise raise it"s friendship by letting it host a soothing bell, walking about with the or just plain battling v it! climate if friend level it up it can evolve! however beware! PokemonAmie does no raise her friendship, however it go raise opportunities of crucial hits, evasion, and status move such together endure. And stay far from letting that faint and also feeding that herbs, hope ns helped!


You could additionally use the Befriending O-Power with soothe bell on her pokemon then ride roughly the prism tower in lumoise city to get friendship fast


According to mine guide

Pokemon AmieTravelling togetherLeveling upUse stat-boosting itemsUse items during battle (things like: X Accuracy, X Attack)Use a TM or HMBattling gym leadersHold a reassuring bellGet a massage in Cyllage CityUse the befriending O-Power

Friendship is boosted like that has remained in previous generations: to win battles through your Pokemon, utilizing items such as Potions top top it, and just moving around with that in her party. Keep in mind you have the right to lower delight if the Pokemon faints or girlfriend use organic medicines on it. Pokemon-Amie is rumored to rise happiness in tiny amounts, however this is not confirmed.

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