(Please Note, prior to I begin, the this is a work-related in progress and also may take a while come complete... Perfect of this guide will be marked by the remove of this note.)

As stated in the title, this guide should only apply to pc players. No mode are important to monitor this Guide.

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And, many importantly, nothing in this overview will damages your video game in any way.

So let"s begin....

If you"re like me, girlfriend will periodically enjoy taking a break from the usual Skyrim Game-play come spruce increase the old Skyrim Home. Personally, I choose each that my homes to be decorated to suit the particular Dragonborn I"m playing, and much of the moment each Dragonborn will have a couple of different houses, each one catering to a different facet of his/her life. E.g: One residence for the Family, one residence to store the stolen/treasured goods, one home to offer as a personal museum or cool armory, one home to suit the secret life that a contract killer, and also sometimes i even build myself a tiny cabin/shack so ns can gain away native it all now and then.

Here are some instances of what you should have the ability to do after reading this guide:


Lakeview Manor enntrance gate


Breeze residence Garden


listed below is a various look on what was supposed to be the Lakeview Manors east room kitchen


This is the opposing angle of the exact same room


A table in the Cabin the Riches


Here is a list of Command password you will be needing come complete any type of work referred to in this Guide:

# player.additem

# player.placeatme

# tcl

# setscale

# save

# markfordelete

# disable

# help 0

# lock

# unlock

Regardless of which house you select to move into, girlfriend will constantly have the option to have the location furnished v the original furniture noted by the game. So, if you execute want to have a few pieces that the original/default furniture, go ahead and also do that. Additionally please keep in mind that the furniture noted in the Skyrim Elder Scrolls Edition can be deleted without are afraid of the item re-spawning later on on, however any type of furniture listed in the building of your home through the Hearthfire Edition might re-spawn after ~ 10-30 days. So take treatment with her picking and also choosing.

To stop re-spawning that Hearthfire furniture, get in console by pressing the ~ crucial near the optimal left hand side of your keyboard, then follow these instructions:

* click the item friend want gotten rid of (make certain the ID code

thatcomes increase is in truth the ID password for that details item.

come be details that the password is the exactly code, try clicking

top top a few items surrounding it to check out thecode transforms accordingly.)

* Type: disable

* press the enter key

* Type: markfordelete

* push the enter key

* exit console by pressing the ~ vital again. (Be certain not to leave the

Console beforeputtingin both of this commands)

* currently save and reload.

If because that some factor the items you turned off does no actually disappear, also after "saving and also reloading", climate exit and re-enter the cell (House). Keep in mind that exiting any type of of the Hearthfire residences will instantly reset the game, yet exiting any type of of the other houses from the Elder Scrolls version does not guarantee the same. The game only resets ~ above exiting a cell as soon as a picture comes increase on the black color screen, as portrayed in adhering to image:


And so, once you have actually chosen and placed her default furniture in your home, that time come start including your own improvements to the place! FUN!

placing YOUR own ITEMS

First was standing in the place you desire the furniture/item to be placed, climate make sure you space standing straight and facing in the right direction through liningupyour sight with vertical and horizontal currently of the home (be cautious with this since not every the assistance beams that a house are perfectly vertical or horizontal, and so shot to usage door and window frames wherein possible). Now, when you space happy with your position, conserve that point, then go into console to form in the following commands:

* player.placeatme

* push enter

* exit console

Once you exit the console you need to rise up in the air as the items spawning at your feet elevator you off the floor. And presto, you have your new piece the furniture! However, if the items is off center, too far to one side or facing in the not correct direction, you only require return to her save suggest and adjust your position accordingly, climate of food repeat the regulates to re-spawn it.

To re-enter a command in console, you carry out not require to kind in the totality player.placeatme command again, just use her up/down arrow keys to find your previous command, and also then just hit the enter an essential again. Easy.

Here room some possible problems that may happen while spawning items, and the solution to deal with them:

1. Obtaining Stuck: once you generate a item of furniture you may uncover yourself stuck between the wall surface and the furniture, or in a corner somehow, can not to break for free! In this instance, and also in the indigenous of my favourite author, Douglas Adam"s; Don"t Panic! just re-enter her console, and form in the command tcl, climate hit the get in key. If friend would like to avoid the possibility of getting stuck altogether, merely put in the tcl command and also hit enter before typing in the player.placeatme command.

2. Elevation Level Corrections: when you spawn a piece of furniture and find the it is fifty percent submerged in the floor or hovering a significant distance over the floor, friend will should go earlier to your save point, change to tcl (collision off) mode, look right down in ~ the floor, and then readjust your height accordingly using the front and back controls. I recognize this adjustment deserve to be tedious and also time consuming, also frustrating - yet in many cases, as lengthy as her feet room planted squarely on the ground as soon as you are spawning one item, you will be OK. Fortunately, just a couple of items will spawn too high or as well low, many of i m sorry are miscellaneous items like precious stones, part ingots, trophy bases and things like that.

2.5. Placing/mounting a head on a wall: This will call for a high quantity of elevation level adjustment, yet you will additionally find the in stimulate to place the trophy head in the right position your sight will certainly be past the limits of the house wall, exterior of the cell, looking right into what I call "The Void", whereby all you deserve to see is a grey-blue landscape and also an dreary variation of the sky - yet you will additionally see a horizon, which will be what you must use to make sure you are standing straight. So simply look directly at the horizon and you will no doubt it is in standing upright, then usage your North, South, East and West at the height of the display to adjust the direction your facing.

3. Spawning the Miscellaneous: once Spawning a Misc (miscellaneous) items suck as a precious gem like a diamond or a yellow ingot, also an Ornate drinking horn, the item might fly throughout the room ~ exiting her console. Once again this trouble is corrected by having your tcl set for collision off while spawning.

4. Item Don"t stay Put! THIS specific PROBLEM seems TO BE leading FOR countless PLAYERS that DECORATE THEIR own PLACE:but alas, this trouble is due to a common mistake and also is easily overcome. Countless people, once placing a assorted item top top a table or shelf, will merely drop the item out of your inventory and also then take a when balancing it where they want it - however then the following time they get in the home the exact same item is top top the floor. And so they have to pick increase the item, balance it in place everywhere again, exit and re-enter the cabinet - and then of food repeat this exercise numerous times prior to the item lastly stays in place. WHAT A terrible WASTE the TIME! The EASY method to avoid all this occupational is to merely use the player.placeatme command (as pointed out above) to set the article at their feet in the an initial place (collision off). Carry out this and also the item will certainly stay put without any type of further ado. I Shit girlfriend Not. Of course, the only difficulty with this strategy is the you will be spawning a duplicate that the same item, meaning that friend will end up with one on display and another in your inventory. Yet who cares? simply stash the perform item away in a chest somewhere or something. The doesn"t hurt to have two, and it"s not like you didn"t knife the item in the an initial place anyway, right?

exactly how TO PLACE an object ON A TABLE OR SHELF

For put on a Table with no overhead obstacles to avoid you, merely jump up on the table, position yourself together you would while placing any item, save the allude as always then, when you have opened console, be specific that you take the Collision Off with the tcl command before entering your player.placeatme command.

For place on a Shelf,things are a small more an overwhelming and time consuming. In this instance you will need to take your collision off prior to doing noþeles else. Then you will have to look down at your feet and also use your "backwards" regulate to climb off the floor to a elevation level friend will should guess at. Climate you will have to use your "left and also right" controls to place yourself over the shelf. Once you "guess" friend have discovered the suitable position, commence her player.placeatme command program as usual. Don"t be uncomfortable if the item end up being way to high or short on your very first attempt. Really RARELY will I manage to place an object perfectly ~ above a shelf through my very first attempt, and it can come to be a very lengthily and tiresome exercise. So simply be certain you save before each spawn so that you always have one easier point to work from.

I always say, "if you"re placing items on shelves, climate be certain you have nothing better to carry out with your time..."

stop ITEMS from JUMPING out OF display CASES

Many players room annoyed due to items jumping the end of display instances whenever a follower favor Vigilance walks by, or if the item is a too big for comfort. In bespeak to stop this from happening just close the display case, get in console, click the screen case, then enter the adhering to code:

* lock

* push enter

* leave console

the have the right to be any number indigenous 1 to 100, 1 being a novice lock, 100 gift a master. If you lock the situation with a number end 100 that will require a an essential to open. The course, come get ago into the case, and if friend don"t want to was standing there trying to choose the lock, just re-enter her console, click on the display screen case, and form in "Unlock" then, of course, struggle the enter key.

NOTE: The Lock and also Unlock codes can be used on any kind of door or container in your residence or even outside of your house, including urns and coffins. Check out pic below:



To do an item, any kind of item larger or smaller, simply enter console, click the item or NPC in question, and form in the command:

setscale .

climate hit the enter vital and leave console.

The deserve to be any type of number indigenous .01 come 10 (10 being the largest, .01 being the smallest, and also 1 gift default size). Friend can, if you space fussy like me, placed in half points of scale size like "setscale .25" or "setscale 1.75". The works. View the pick listed below for a look at the tiny large ornament I produced one of my trophy houses, or take a look at the miniature soldier ns cursed come patrol outside of Solitude:




Don"t worry, setscale commands won"t break your game, it"s fine, and also kinda funny too - particularly when the small guard look at up at you and says,

"Need something?"

Problems the may happen when re-sizing your furniture or other items:

Generally, when setup the range of default furniture, the dimension will immediately change, "visually". As soon as re-sizing your own spawned furniture you may need to "save and also reload" to see the change. However this depends largely on whether it"s in reality "furniture" or a "miscellaneous" item. Misc items rarely adjust without the save and also reload. However, in any of these cases, as soon as you an initial change the size of an object it will only change the intuitive status, when the actual tangible dimension of the items remains. Because that example, if you spawn a chest, then mitigate it to half the size, it may look smaller yet you will certainly still be able to walk into it as if it to be the original size. The ONLY means to resolve this is to departure the cell, enabling the video game to reset itself, together I mentioned previously in the Guide, and then ~ above re-entering the cabinet the article in inquiry will it is in both visually and also tangibly changed. Cool. (Of course, friend could always save the game, exit, then begin the game ago up again. The would additionally work...). In any case just remember, saving and reloading only ensures the visual size of an item to change.


ADDING LIGHT: now this is an area that causes some civilization some strife, since once girlfriend have added light come a room you can"t delete it v markfordelete commands. The only method to get rid of it is to go back to the save you made before entering the command/code. So it is in absolutely specific you save before each try. And also once you have actually the glow and also brightness friend desire, girlfriend had far better be 100% particular it is what friend want. What friend don"t want is to go back to your house a couple of in-game days down the track to find that her lighting is all wrong. Oh! the shock-horror of that all....

Here is a great example of as soon as lighting transforms out fine (the dark edge of the Lakeview Manor Basement):

perfection lighting



* light sources: including light resources such as Chandeliers, Candles, Lanterns and also Sconces is excellent in the same means as placing any other furniture or wall surface mounts, and also usually they will not include actual irradiate to the room. The lighting/glow is done separately.

* Actual light Glow: every light glow code has actually its very own amount of brightness and also color hue. Some space dull and orange, other blueish prefer a Falmer"s cave, and some are an extremely bright and also white etc.... The trick is come go with them all one by one and also carefully choose the light the suits the separation, personal, instance light source or desired atmosphere. Clear a solitary candle, because that example, will not cast the very same light as something like a ceiling chandelier. So simply be careful, and ns stress, be particular to save before each attempt. ~ all, much more often than no there will be enough light filling a room without adding more. And keep in mind additionally that having actually no extra bright looks much better than having actually the dorn lighting


A better WAY to SAVE

Quite often, if you space really uncertain about a save suggest and think you may want to return to that save point in bespeak to adjust some issues, save that allude by beginning console and also typing the following commands:

* save

* hit the enter key

* exit console

* Be sure that the name of the save allude is one words, also if it consists of

two or more words - here is a straightforward example: conserve LIGHTINGISSUES

This will make your save allude easier to uncover if you desire to load it later.


how TO uncover CODES for ITEMS YOU want TO SPAWN

I"ve heard around the mulberry shrub that going into console and clicking on an item will bring up the items code, and it will, however not the code you must spawn it! Generally, at the very least with furniture items, friend will require a different item code to spawn it. So here is just how you can get most that the easily accessible item codes:

* get in Console

* type in: assist 0

* hit enter

The that the item is self explanatory, simply put in the key word of the item you are seeking, but be certain that if the vital word actually consists of two words or an ext like "ebony boots", that you placed the phrase marks in before and also after the name. Here are part examples:

help chest 0

help "ebony boots" 0

assist Vigilance 0

Codes are not case sensitive.

* as soon as the perform comes up, review through and use her page up/page down keys to scroll the list that are too lengthy to fit on the screen. (keep in mind the you have actually two set of role up and also scroll down tricks on your keyboard, and only one of those sets work. Thanks Dave)

* In order to discern the correct password from the dorn code, Furniture codes will certainly actually have actually the word "Furn" in former of it, assorted codes will have actually the native "Misc" in former of it, and also "NPC" will certainly be in prior of NPC"s and so on etc....

* In some situations many NPC, Furniture or assorted codes will certainly come up for the exact same "help" request, and it will just be as much as the player to go through and spawn them all to find out i m sorry table is which, or i m sorry chest is which, etc. It"s all component of the fun.

here is a perform of few of my favorite "hard and also not so difficult to acquire" item password to obtain you started


fedc2 (single)





6bed3 (double)



36ed3 (bed roll)

6d2d3 (cot)


3b46f (Standard chair)

2ec1c (common)

6d911 (old)

1edf7 (dwemer)

6b691 (noble with arms)

c2a01 (noble flat back)

c674d (noble curved back)


c2a00 (large noble through arms)

c2a03 (small noble with arms)

c2a02 (noble)

c2a01 (noble)



2fcbb (padded stone)


a4ad6 (farm)

77078 (standard v arms)


b244b (Whiterun)

107352 (Falkreath)

b244b (Markarth, Mournful Throne)

7fbc2 (Solitude)

107354 (Morthal)

3039e40 (Dawnstar)

107351 (Hjaalmarch, bloodlet)

107353 (Winterhold)

10f636 (Windhelm)

107355 (Riften)

302b086 (Solstien)

267d3 (Draugr shadow Throne)

5e511 Shore"s Throne)

985c2 (Ship Katariah)

Tables noble





c29de (round Noble table)

c29df (rectangular noble table)


c29db (noble large)

c29dc (noble medium)

c29f5 (noble small)

c29da (corner shelf)

1edda (dwemer shelf, yellow)

1edd9 "" ""

1edd8 "" ""

1edd7 "" ""

1edd6 "" ""

1edd5 "" ""

c29dd (small shelf witb rarely often, rarely compartments)


400080e (old timber)

4008370 or e3ea1 (standard noble)

6b30e (long noble)

302aac1 (noble, an intricate trim)

f8476 (large arched)

99d87 (large arched, weathered)

200739b (wayshrine chest)

1e001ea0 (snow covered)

6a0db (dwemer convector with blue top)

2069a (dwarven arched)

20659 (chaurus box)

2065b (chaurus box blue)

20652 or b1176 (stone chest)

ce739 (offering box)


1cd65 (regular brown)

ad06d (regular brown wit knob)

8617f (chubby blue through handles)

e4258 (chubby silver)

f93dd (large yellow v legs)

1c4ac (large yellow)


various other Containers

800e0 (Safe)

b7879 (Knapsack)

af6ac (satchet)

ea722 (strong box)

8771d (barrel regular)

60752 (Sovengarde Barrel)

Ornaments and an important display peices

(the adhering to 905 codes space FLOOR codes, definition that they will be addressed in ar like furniture)

905d1 (ornate drinking horn)

905d3 (jeweled flagon)

905df (pitcher)

905dd (jeweled goblet)

905d5 (golden urn)

905e3 (jeweled shall holder)

905e0 (jeweled ship)

(the complying with are traditional MISC codes)

da74d (crown of barenziah)

2d513 (elder scroll dragon)

400f39b (mead barrel v interactive tap)

44e67 (jeweled flagon)

19958 (golden bee)

19954 (bust that greyfox)

1994f (left eye that falmer)

19952 (honey decanter)

44e6c (jeweled goblet)

44e6a (jeweled candle holder)

44e63 (golden urn)

44e6e (golden pitcher)

44e8b (golden ship)

6f266 (timber delivery model)

5598c (dwemer cube)

60cc2 (shipping map)

5a281 (chain)

200d7f1 (statue that Boethia)

8f997 (dibella statue)

83040 (pillar of sacrifice)

aa8ce and f13ae (puzzle pillar)

103445 (carriage)

400f3ad (standard mead keg)

general MISC and mix n match

c334f (giants club)

2996f (hag ravens head)

200a258 (way shrine basin)

9e01f (potema"s skull)

319e4 (troll skull)

40020dcf (red sculpted skull)

20191cb (arvak"s skull)

204d96 (bloodbowl)

200d7f1 (statue)

6aeed (stone goblet blood)

e3146 (werewolf totem)

3171c (word wall)

100754 (broken wordwall)

df202 (dragon stone)

be25e (headmans axe)

21ea3 (statue that dibella v grey robe)

7f8df (crown or barenziah with display head)

a9a85 (mannequin)

c29d8 (small divider)

Trophy Bases

400a31a (small)

400a31e (large)


400a33f (Dragon skull)

400a35a (snow bear)

400a31f (bear)

400a325 (Sabre)

400a324 (hagraven)

400a327 (skeleton)

400a32b (troll)

400a32a (snow troll)

400a345 (skeever)

400a342 (wolf)

400a343 (snow wolf)

400a344 (crab)

400a33a (deer)

400a326 (horker)

400a346 (slaughterfish)

10c61d (frost dragon)

10c61c (swamp dragon)

10bfb6 (night mothers coffin)

10a161 (dragon priest)

108d67 (giant)

10951d (steam centurion)


6851e (flawless amethyst)

6851f (flawless diamond)

68520 (flawless emerald)

68521 (flawless garnet)

68522 (flawless ruby)

68523 (flawless sapphire)

Planters (pots because that plants)

74edd (Temple planter)

70d88 (round planter)

c8cfc (planter)

pending... (large planter)



(blue Mt flower, pot size)

(red Mt flower, pot size)

(purple my flower, pot size)

(blue Mt flower)

(red mt flower)

(purple mt flower)






(hanging moss)







(crimson ninroot)




(canis root)



(spiky grass)

(imp stool)

(bleding crown)


(giant litchen)


(scaly pholiota)

(jarrin root)

(namiras rot)

(nordic barnicle)

(poison bloom)


(creep cluster)

(trama root)

(reach fern)

(sword fern)



Dead trees


work-related Stations

bf9e1 (Forge)

d932f (armor workbench)

6e9c2 (grindstone)

727a1 (leather rack)

7022e (woodchop block)

9c6ce (smelter)

bad0d (enchanters table)

d5501 (enchanters topper)

bad0c (alchemy table)

d54ff (alchemy topper)

3017736 (staff enchanter)

9c6df (grain mill)

4012a54 (apiary)

40008ca (fish hatchery)

400283f (oven)

400bc0 (butter churn)


b7e3e (long green)

95498 (round green)

wall surface Decorations

34d23 (snowberry wreath)

b2456 (dragons head mount)

d928f (sabre cat)


d9281 (bear)


dd9e0 (male elk)

cf264 (snow elk)

4005a4a (antlers)

d927d (horker)

3858f (slaughter fish)

4005a50 (wolf)

4005a52 (mudcrab)

irradiate Fixtures

2d847 (lantern)

1f248 (wall sconce)

1f24a (standard sconce)

b9fad (tall white candle)

1f249 (large floor sconce set)

b9be0 (2 candles on a plate)

c4bc4 and also cb4c2 (wall candle)

7ea42 (2 wall surface candles)

5d6ea (3 wall candles)

2d847 (chandelier with lengthy hang chain)

5ad5b (standard sconce chandelier)

c4bc2 (large candle chandelier)






59a93 (large spread of light)









a91a0 (chicken)

4359c (goat)

23a90 (cow)

9a744 (fox)

ff000943 (draugr, harmless)

ff00113a (hovering chaurus)

a19fe (Lis, the Dark Brotherhood spider)

3027482 (house pets spider)

5cf36 (metal residence pet spider)

302749a (spider follower)

3027495 (spider follower)

30274a0 (spider follower)

If everyone has any kind of really cool password to include to this list, such together fire for a fireplace, you re welcome feel complimentary to let united state all know!

Please, feel cost-free to brows a number of other pictures below, documenting simply what have the right to be done when furnishing v console codes:


This is the east side wall surface to the room north to the main hall in Lakeview Manor for among my Dragonornes name, "The Bitch"

together you have the right to see, she is likewise an Alcoholic.

(This is among the most time consuming displays I have ever undertaken.)


This is another angle the the vault room



This is one edge of a cabin design to store all the valuables because that "The Bitch" Dragonborn,

she idea of a cabin in the timber overlooking Solitude


This is an Eastern edge of the Basement come Lakeview Manor designed for my most recent Draginborn. As well as the at home furnishings, this

Dragonborn has used no console cheats in-game.


A tasty plate of food fit for yet an additional Dragonborn in the it will be cold hills phibìc of Whiterun


Another Dragonborn called "The Beast", the most an effective of every my Dragonborns, likewise a Werewolf, through a distinct enchantment prowess I have actually been unable to surpass with any type of of my other characters. This is one angle of his front yard, throughout the water indigenous Solitude....


an additional angle the The Beast"s prior yard....


The entrance to The Beast"s front yard....


This is, as you may have noticed, the front enntrance gate to the Hearthfire residence North of Solitude, belong to one of my old time favourite characters, Buttons.

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below is The Bitch reflecting off a small portion of she riches...


another area in The Bitches Treasury room


A pretty table setting


One angle of a cabin in the woods; my cabins are just the front entrance way to the Lakeview home