Saved game corrupted error wake up a many on Xbox 360 when you play games such as Fallout 4, Skyrim, lego dimensions, NBA 2k17 and also so on. Shot the noted two methods to fix your Xbox 360 loading corrupted saved files, data, and also games. If friend lost game recordings and also screenshots ~ above 360 Xbox hard drive, Data recovery Wizard will gain back them for you in only 3 steps.

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The "saved game corrupted" error is most likely to occur inconsistently. To troubleshoot, two advanced solutions are obtainable for you.

Workable SolutionsStep-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Delete corrupted game filesYou deserve to find and delete the corrupted game, then redownload it again to deal with the problem. Pick Settings-> System-> Storage. Select the warehouse location, and also then press the A button...Full steps
Fix 2. Inquiry an Xbox 360 repairAnother systems that friend can try is to request Xbox 360 repair from Microsoft. Copy and paste the machine repair link in your web browser and open it: steps

"I met saved game corrupted error on Xbox 360 last night when playing game videos. The happened every one of a sudden. 

Then i played various other games, the exact same error appears on the screen. It appeared that the saved game papers were damaged somehow. Please assist me settle the corruption issue."

How to recoup Xbox 360 conserved games

The "saved game corrupted" error is most likely to occur when players try to pat a saved video game on the console. Usually, if you have logged out and also logged in several times however the problem didn"t get resolved, you have to take more measures. 

Being comparable to PS4, ordinary Xbox 360 users likewise can"t directly recover corrupted game documents on the Xbox 360 console. You"ll have to take further measures to settle this issue.

So far, the Xbox assistance team uses 2 official solutions to help you remove the error.

Solution 1. Delete corrupted game records in Xbox 360 console

You can start the early stage workaround by 2 steps. First, determine whether the video game is corrupted. To carry out this, follow the procedures behind.

Step 1: Select Settings-> System-> Storage.
Step 2: select the storage location, and then push the A button.Step 3: select Games and Apps, and also then press the A button.
Step 4: Select the game and then push the A button.
Step 5: Select the saved game, and then press the A button.If you uncovered yellow exclamation note on the video game file, it"s basically corrupted. Step 6: select the corrupted game and choose "Delete". 

After deleting the corrupted game, you deserve to redownload it again. Or you have the right to see even if it is you have actually a cloud version, and also you have the right to use that from her Xbox 360 cloud.

Solution 2. Inquiry an Xbox 360 fix from Microsoft

Another equipment that you can have is to inquiry Xbox 360 fix from Microsoft. Microsoft has actually its professional Xbox 360 game console fix center, if the worry can still not be fixed by yourself, you have the right to request a an equipment repair.

Step 1: Copy and paste the an equipment repair attach in your net browser and also open it:
Step 2: sign in together an Xbox 360 customer. You can register her Microsoft devices, watch your Microsoft registered devices, and even develop a repair order for your Microsoft device.

The Xbox support team will aid you to get rid of this worry immediately. 

Bonus Tips: recoup Xbox 360 game recordings and also screenshots

Usually, video game recordings and screenshots are conserved in the Videos ar on Xbox 360 tough drive. When the saved gamings corrupted, the videos and also screenshots room fine.

If you accidentally delete the videos and screenshots of favored games, you probably can"t regain the files. If you conserved the video game recordings and screenshots on an exterior storage device, girlfriend still have actually a chance. Data restore Wizard is devoted in data recovery. It support to recover documents, music, video, audio and many other types of documents from internal hard drive, exterior hard drive, removable USB speed drive, pen drive, memory card, and also all the famous storage devices.

You have the right to take the Xbox 360 exterior hard journey or USB the end of the console and download free data recovery software to provide it try. Don"t allow a solitary important video game recording or screenshot absent against her will.

Step 1. If your lost video clip recordings are conserved on external hard journey or USB, connect it come your computer system first. Run Data recovery Wizard, and select the location where you shed videos. Click "Scan" to scan all lost files.


Step 2. The software program will begin scanning all end the selected hard drive for all lost video recordings immediately. As soon as the process finishes, you deserve to click "Filter", and also choose "Videos" to conveniently find video clip files.


Step 3.

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Double-click to check and preview lost video clip recordings prior to recovery. Then, pick the wanted files and click "Recover" to save the papers into one more safe location instead of the initial drive/device.