7.1 acquiring Epona

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New in this sectionCharacters:Ingo, EponaLocations:Ghost Shop

~ Castle town In ruins ~

After exiting the holy place of Time, you’ll watch how death Mountain has actually gotten even worse than before and the trees surrounding the Temple are dead. Ago in the Market, you’ll watch that whatever is run down and also there are zombies, recognized as ReDeads, everywhere! You observed a few of them together a child, but you’ll be see a lot more of lock now…

There’s nothing we can do here yet, so make your means for the drawbridge. In the area right before Hyrule Field, the guardhouse on the left now dwellings the Ghost Shop, v a sadistic owner inside. Chat with him and store him far in your memory because that a later quest.

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Out in Hyrule Field, it’s actually much more calm, because there space no longer any type of Stalchildren or PeaHats. Head for Lon Lon Ranch in the facility of the field. NOTE: This part is actually optional together you don’t need Epona to complete your quest. To continue onward v the main quest, just to ar 7.2.

~ Lon Lon Ranch ~

Well, Talon (the fat resting guy) got kicked out and Ingo (the dirty worker in the stables) is now the owner of the ranch! friend can discover Malon in the stables, clutching a broom and also afraid to leaving the ranch the end of are afraid that Ingo will certainly mistreat the horses.

Run up to the corral in the center of the area and also speak v Ingo to hear him gripe about how awesome that is. Anyway, he has actually a small pony journey you have the right to partake in for 10 Rupees. Fork over the goods and you’ll show up inside the corral. Don’t take it the equine he provides you, yet instead pat Epona’s tune to do the ideal horse come to you. If you didn’t find out Epona’s song earlier, you discover it native Malon together a child. If girlfriend don’t have actually it, just skip this part of the guide and also return later. After perfect the woodland Temple, friend will have actually the possibility to become a child again and also can complete any kind of incomplete tasks.




Use her to jump both that the fences by pressing A shortly before you with them. They’ll offer you 20 Rupees in total, earning you earlier what you paid to drive in the first place. Go back to Ingo and also target that while riding Epona and also accept his difficulty to a race once you think you’re ready.

Horse Race – ~ riding equines at the very least once, pay Ingo again to get in the corral, climate speak come him while riding Epona to race against him. You have the right to use the regular horse he provides you, however you’ll never ever win since it’s for this reason slow…

The an initial race is fairly easy. Ingo cheats and starts a second early, but he tends to take it the corners quite wide, offering a opportunity to on slide ahead. Use A to rate up, however don’t use all of your carrots until the end. Either acquire ahead the him first and try to stay ahead of the by utilizing your carrots slowly and blocking him, or wait till you’re close to the end and speed previous him through continually making use of carrots.

He’ll challenge you come a second race, this time providing you the horse. He’s a little an ext vicious now and will try to cut you off as soon as you get close. Simply wait till you check out a great chance and also run because that it. I still recommend simply zooming ahead of him best at the start and also trying to stay ahead.

After beating Ingo at both races, he’ll lock friend in the ranch so girlfriend can’t leave. Friend can get out very easily though, simply acquire a to run start and also jump one of two people the fence, or any type of of the much shorter walls on any kind of side. You’ll climate witness a short triumphant clip the Epona jumping out of Lon Lon Ranch. Da-da!

If you go into Lon Lon Ranch afterwards, Ingo will as soon as again be a timid ranch worker and also Malon will recognize you. She will now run a mini-game wherein you can race approximately the track v Epona, dance over part fences. You have actually to finish two laps about in less than 50 seconds. It’s actually a little complicated and could take a few tries. If friend successfully finish it in time, you will certainly win a Cow! Yes, an actual Cow. It will certainly now show up at her old residence in Kokiri Forest. How specifically it was brought up over there is another question…

From now on, you can use your trusty steed to get across Hyrule field quickly; simply contact her utilizing Epona’s Song. Unfortunately, she can’t go really many places and is limited to Hyrule ar for the most part…

Make your method to Kakariko village on the east side the the Field. Over there isn’t lot to do below at the moment, so simply head right on through to the Graveyard choose Sheik told you to.

On the left side, there’s a soft floor spot the should have a plant in it if you planted a Magic p in the past like i told you. Don’t worry, you can go back later if girlfriend didn’t. If the tree is there though, ride it up to the ledge over and smash the crate to find one more Piece of a Heart.

Right alongside the Magic bean Plant (left side of the Graveyard) is a grave through flowers in former of it. Pull earlier the tomb to expose a hole. Autumn in. Inside, you’ll view a familiar character…

Heart piece #18

In the Graveyard, if girlfriend planted a Magic Bean as a child, there will certainly be a Magic bean flower that has actually grown. Ride it up to the higher ledge and roll right into the wood box to discover the heart piece.

Dampe’s Amazing cavern Race – This video game is an extremely simple. Monitor the ghost of the dead grave keeper and also don’t gain left behind!

It’s pretty right forward, because that the first chunk, just follow the left wall. After girlfriend go through the an initial door, hug the right wall surface until you gain to the huge room, go v the appropriate exit, then take a left and a right (purple flames).

After the door, go follow me the appropriate side, then as soon as you acquire to the ledges, rise either the one on the left or directly ahead. After ~ that, simply follow the path until the end.

After, you know… not losing… he’ll congratulate you and also tell you come come again sometime. After the leaves, open the chest to find the Hookshot! v this, us can finally tackle the first temple. Go ahead and also go because that the open doorway.

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The door close the door behind you and you’re stuck to a huge blue block…? The game isn’t an extremely clear in ~ this point, however if friend target it and also talk to Navi, she will tell friend it looks favor the symbols in the temple of Time. Beat the track of Time to eliminate the block. The actually just “moves” it come a adjacent location, i m sorry isn’t really essential except in the understand Quest for later puzzles.