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The legendary Whatevers

Ah, Raikou, Entei and also Suicune, the Pokémon that have caused therefore much controversy over your real-world counterparts - cats, dogs, gerbils? To save everybody happy I"ll refer to them together the "Legendary Beasts" in this guide, and also hope nobody will certainly murder me for that. (Incidentally, I"ll more than likely be murdered for reasoning personally the they"re all cats, too, so that doesn"t really matter. *reinforces she house"s defenses*)

Their Differences

So, girlfriend ask, what room the differences between the three, anyway?

Okay, nobody would certainly really ask that, however I"ll answer it anyway. (The main technical differences, in ~ least...)

RaikouEnteiSuicuneTypeBase 115 statsBase 100 statBase 90 statBase 85 statBase 75 statNon-type moves
Sp.Atk, SpeedHP, AttackDefense, Sp.Def
Reflect, CrunchStomp, SwaggerGust, winter Coat

As you can see, lock are very much alike in numerous ways. Just to clarify, "Non-type moves" refers to all move that have nothing to carry out with their type; i didn"t put Quick assault for Raikou there because Electric varieties tend to be fast, and also a the majority of Water Pokémon find out Mist so ns left it out on Suicune. And I wanted to save an are on the page.

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Finding them

Now, what girlfriend are most likely right here for... Just how to find and also catch them.

How come unlock them

Unlocking castle is the very first step. Go to the melted Tower in Ecruteak and also get come the basement. (It"s really easy.) then go up to the 3 statues, which space (surprise, surprise) the legend dogs/cats/beasts/whatever you desire to speak to them. They will certainly run away. And also now you can uncover them.

How to discover them for the an initial time

In Crystal, "them" is just Raikou and also Entei, the course, due to the fact that catching Suicune is just as straightforward as capturing Ho-oh or Lugia... Yawn. Therefore boring. Yet Raikou and Entei will always be the same entertainment. In ~ least, there are two methods to find them:

a) Play with the video game as normal until you are suddenly assaulted by a big level 40 Pokémon, panic due to the fact that you"ve acquired a level 5 Magikarp very first in her lineup, and also watch the level 40 Pokémon operation away from your Magikarp.

b) spend all your money ~ above Max Repels, get in a patch of high grass, use a Max Repel, and also then go around and waste all her Max Repels finding not also a hair that them. Win the Elite 4 to get more money, and also then repeat. Possibly somewhere in the progress, one of them will certainly appear, just so girlfriend can discover that you still have a Magikarp an initial in your lineup.

Once you"ve found them for the first time, finding them again is much easier.

How to discover them because that the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. Time

Put a rapid level 40 Pokémon the knows a sleep-inducing attack very first in her party. Placed a Pokémon at any type of level through False swipe anywhere in her party. Buy part Repels. Paris to Cherrygrove. Inspect your Pokédex for the one you"ve seen. Go to Area. If the is nowhere near you, fly to Cherrygrove again and also repeat. If it is at path 46 or route 30, to walk to course 29. If it is at course 29 or course 31, go to path 30. Either way, check your Pokédex again. If moved away indigenous you, paris to Cherrygrove and repeat. If it is at the same path as you, save and use your Repel. Then simply walk in the grass until a wild Pokémon strikes you, and it will certainly be the beast. If the Repel"s effect wears off, use one more one. Inspect every once in a if if the beast has actually moved away from you. (Alternatively, you can do it there is no Repels, have actually the very first Pokémon any type of level, and just scream at every the stroked nerves Bellsprout that are going to assault you.) Eventually, you need to be in fight with the beast. Currently it"s just to catch it.

Catching them

Well, probably I should"ve told girlfriend before, however there are three means to record them. They are:

1: Clone three grasp Balls (two for Crystal) and catch them through them. This is the cheap, easy and also boring way. I don"t recommend it; capturing the legend beasts is fifty percent of the funny in the game and also you don"t desire all the fun to more than as quickly as the starts, perform you?

2: Take out your grasp Ball and also catch one of them through it and also the various other one(s) with Ultra Balls. Only if you"re lazy however are either no a cheater or you want to store some the the fun.

3: Catch every one of them the hard yet fun way, through Ultra Balls.

The understand Ball method

Find it, either for the first time or some other time, and throw the understand Ball in ~ it. Gee, that was easy. And boring. See currently why i don"t introduce doing this?

The Ultra ball method

First, friend must have actually some Ultra Balls. I don"t really understand how numerous I should imply that you have to have. If i have couple of of them, I operation out, yet if ns buy lots and also lots the them, I record them within the very first two or three. But I guess: v it"s far better to it is in safe than sorry, for this reason you must buy 20 Ultra Balls or so.

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Now, uncover one (see above). Placed it come sleep. Move to your False Swiping Pokémon and also False Swipe it come 1 HP. Switch ago to the sleep Pokémon because that safety. Then start throwing Ultra Balls. If that wakes up, you"ll need to put it to sleep again. If your sleep strike misses once, or if that wakes up and uses Roar, just find it again. Eventually, girlfriend should capture it. Climate find and also catch the various other one(s), and also you"ll have actually the legendary dogs/cats/whatevers. Congratulations.