Although I already reported this top top my evaluation of NBA 2K12, I simply thought it perhaps a good idea to check this for gamers who have yet to play NBA 2K12.

NBA 2K12 is a an excellent game. The main point gameplay is as realistic together it gets. However, part gamers on forums have actually expressed the fact that NBA 2K12 is absent the whole Slam Dunk contest!

The Slam Dunk challenge is arguably among the best attractions the the whole sport. Despite the NBA Lockout the is currently happening, the NBA has staged the occasion annually because 1984 during the NBA every Star Weekend.

Anyway, it’s sad to view the event missing in NBA 2K12. There’s no alternate for pan this year either since there won’t be another EA developed NBA gamings in 2011. 2K Sports decided to eliminate the feature to emphasis on its core gameplay. Don’t bother thinking that it’s an unlockable since it’s no in over there I’m afraid…

No Slam Dunk challenge In NBA 2K12, 7.8 out of 10 based upon 6 ratings

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