It’s widely recognized that frat boys have actually a certain, unique manner the dressing.

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and also yes, we’re talking about frat boys fairly literally – young gentlemen who belong to a university fraternity, dressing in a details clothing through bright colour – and also not what the urban thesaurus would define him as.

Frat young look can be explained in a number of words: preppy, tailored, classic and also sharp. Regardless of the occasion, or lack thereof, you can be sure that frat guys will action out spring unapologetically stylish. It’s quite obvious that frat guys dress v a feeling of confidence and also swagger. Who wouldn’t want to channel that? v that in mind, we’re offering you a crash course through frat young style 101.


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The very first thing come remember is that frat boy style comes v a number of requirements. Let’s start with the day to day basics. Casualwear because that frat boys includes a it is provided of the following garments: chino pants, polo shirts, and also button down tops. The most crucial thing come take keep in mind of is the color. Frat boys choose colored shorts in one of two people pastel hues or shining colors, which deserve to be paired through a peak in a comparable color tone. As soon as dressing prefer a frat boy, don’t be afraid of color and also don’t hesitate come mix and match them. Put on a pair the pink chino shorts and also pair it v a blue or environment-friendly polo shirt.

Before stepping out the door, make certain you have actually the suitable accessories on. Boat shoes room a must have actually for frat boys and the perfect footwear for her casual look. Finish the outfit through a coordinating belt and sunglasses, which deserve to either it is in wayfarers or even aviators. Design your very own dress shoes to complete your frat young outfit.

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Source: Pinterest


For a slightly much more dressed up version of the casual attire, perfect for an afternoon in the club, switch the polo shirt because that a likewise colored switch down shirt and the boat shoes because that leather loafers. You deserve to still pick to stay the shorts or you deserve to opt for chino trousers instead. Because that the can be fried frat boy nation club style, tie a chic cardigan over your shoulders. Must you be wearing a white button down shirt, you can also choose to finish off your look v a blazer, a necktie or also a preppy bowtie.