1.2.1 Draw and interpret bit diagrams illustrating the physical and chemical readjust of elements and also compounds on the submicroscopic scale.

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Questions around matter have actually been asked for centuries. The old Greek philosophes spent a many time make the efforts to number out the make-up the matter. Different philosophers debated whether matter was earth, water, air, fire, or part combination. Castle argued, however did no do any type of experiments at that time.


It took many centuries for human beings to build a far better concept the matter. Even today, we have actually an incomplete picture of specifically what this stuff looks choose on the submicroscopic level. Chemistry entails the research of these substances top top the macroscopic level,both in terms of an easy properties and also learning all the alters that happen when matter interacts, to do inferences concerning the submicroscopic level.



Matter deserve to exist either as a pure substance, such together an element or compound, or together a mixture of various substances (made up of an ext than one form of aspect and/or compound).The nature of matter, both physical and also chemical, depend on the building materials that make up the matter.



Anelementis a pure substance,made of just one kind of atom.The smallest component of an element that still has actually that element’s properties is anatom. A building (a characteristic of that substance) have the right to be either physical or chemical. For example, the properties of atoms of gold space the very same whether castle are discovered in a gold nugget or a gold ring (see photo below).


Elements can not be chemically separated into any other substance. There are an ext than 115 confirmed elements, of i beg your pardon 90 different aspects are naturally occuring. Most aspects are monoatomic, yet seven facets naturally happen as a diatomic (two-atom) molecule: hydrogen, oxygen, fluorine, bromine, iodine, nitrogen, chlorine.Some facets are much more common than others. Hydrogen is the most common aspect in the universe. Oxygen is the many common aspect in the Earth’s crust.

The image belowshows other examples of elements.


Still rather are described in the video below,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0zION8xjbM

All the atom of an element are alike in your properties, but have different properties native the atom of all other elements. ~ above the macroscopic level, the composition looks the very same throughout because that monoatomic and diatomic (molecule) elements. ~ above the submicroscopic level, spheres that the very same color and size comprise the atom. For a diatomic element, ~ above the most basic level the fragment diagram would incorporate two spheres the the very same color and size bonded, and then repeating. View the photo below.


There room millions of different substances in the world. That’s due to the fact that atoms of aspects can shortcut in numerous different means to form new substances with brand-new properties. In fact, many atoms of elements are uncovered in compounds. Acompoundis a distinct substance that creates when two or an ext different atoms bond chemically. An instance is water, which creates when 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom combine chemically. A compound constantly has the same components in the exact same proportions. It likewise has the same composition throughout.

You deserve to learn an ext about compounds and also how they type by the town hall this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HjMoTthEZ0&feature=related.


Some compounds type crystals (crystalline compounds) rather of molecules. Acrystalis a rigid, lattice-like framework of atoms bonded together.On the macroscopic level, the ingredient looks the very same throughout. Top top the submicroscopic level, spheres the a different color or size make up the atom. The atoms would certainly be external inspection according to a prescribed proportion for a compound and represented v a repeating sample of ion locked into a crystal lattice.Table salt is an example of a link that forms crystals. The crystals are comprised of many formula units of sodium and also chloride ions (electrically charged develops of atoms).

You deserve to actually clock crystals forming in this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd9C40Svt5g&feature=related


Not all linked substances room compounds. Some room mixtures. Amixtureis a mix (not bonded) of 2 or much more substances in any proportion. The building materials in a mixture may be aspects or compounds. The building material don’t combine chemically (or bond) to form a brand-new substance, together they execute in a compound. Instead, they keep their original properties and also just intermix. Examples of mixtures include salt and also water in the ocean and gases in the atmosphere. Other examples are pictured below.


On the macroscopic level, the composition will look the exact same throughout for homogeneous mixtures, and also notuniform for heterogemeous mixtures. ~ above the submicroscopic level, aspects (monoatomic or diatomic) or compounds room presented through the sport of spheres discrobed above. The proportion of the componenets is not prescribed, favor that of a compound.

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View the following video that illustrates the difference in between the properties of compounds and also mixtures:http://cwx.prenhall.com/petrucci/chapter1/medialib/0104_1.html

RecallWhat is an element? offer three examples.Describe compounds.Identify molecules and also crystals.What space mixtures?Think Critically

5.Create a table comparing and also contrasting compounds and also mixtures. Include an example of each.