For a PCH-1000 collection system, insert a memory card for the PS Vita system.Link a Sony entertain Network account through your system.Connect your computer system to the Internet.

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1.On the computer, check that content Manager Assistant is installed and also started.Windows:Look for the contents Manager Assistant icon in the notice area that the taskbar to verify that the application is running:Mac:Look because that the contents Manager Assistant symbol in the food selection bar come verify that the application is running:2.On her system, select (Content Manager) > .3.Select (PC), and also then pick (USB cable) or (Wi-Fi).To affix using Wi-Fi, friend must choose the checkbox under in the contents Manager Assistant to collection a checkmark, and also register your PS Vita mechanism with the computer. For details, watch "Transferring data to and also from a computer system using Wi-Fi".4.Select one of two people < pc → PS Vita System> or < PS Vita mechanism → PC>.5.Select , or to pick the type of contents to copy.6.Select the checkboxes of the contents you desire to copy, and then choose .This is an instance for Music:Music list screen.

Copying the whole folder

When you are managing photos and video clip in a folder on your computer, you deserve to copy the whole folder to her system.In action 6 that "Copying music, images, and also videos to and also from a computer", pick > (Back), and also then pick (Folders) > (Options) > .

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When there is a folder in ~ a folder to copy, a kid folder is opened and also the contents are duplicated as the content inside the parent folder.When contents is selected indigenous a folder and copied come a system, a folder v an similar name will certainly be created.An whole folder that was duplicated to your mechanism cannot be copied ago to a computer.

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