The pike jump, while still a basic jump, is a little much more advanced than others. Don’t forget how vital it is to discover the basics to entering a jump prior to you start relocating on to progressed techniques! You’ll be utilizing jumps every time you desire to pump increase the crowd, finish a cheer or even in the middle of a dance routine. In case you missed the “How To perform A simple Jump Entry” post, below is a rapid recap: basic Jump Entry action 1: begin your jump entry with your feet together, your arms straight down on her side and your hands in fists. Step 2: Clap your hands and then placed your arms into a high V position. Step 3: in ~ the very same time, bend your knees and cross your arms downward into an “X” place in former of her knees. Step 4: as you are continuing to waver your arm motion ago out and also up right into a “T” or a “V” (depending ~ above the final position you room executing), jump! *While executing every of this steps, make sure they space done quickly and also consecutively of every other. The is supposed to look like one constant motion. How to execute a Pike jump The pike is a an excellent jump for moderate to advanced level performers who space flexible and have mastered the run entry. Pikes are most regularly performed one of two people at a diagonal line or native the side, not straight on. Pike jumps can be challenging to perfect, but the initiative is worth it! The end result of a well-practiced pike jump is stunning. Pikes are regularly performed as a team in synchronicity for the best effect. Add these actions after steps 1 v 4 (above) come perform and also complete a pike. Her legs will bend throughout entry into the jump, however not at every after that. Action 5: keeping your legs together, traction them right out in former of you at a 90 level angle, pass them as much as your chest together high together you can. Action 6: at the very same time, skinny your upper body forward and reach for your pointed toes, maintaining your arms straight and also your hands in a fist. Try to store your legs and also arms parallel come the ground during you jump. Action 7: ~ above landing from your jump, bend her knees contempt to absorb any shock. Bend her arms toward you and also pull them right into your chest, v your hand in fists.

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Action 8: Straighten your knees and clap for the finishing touch. Pike run Tips shot practicing ~ above a trampoline Stretch, stretch, stretch! You must be functional to perform a pike jump! Don’t quite have actually your pike perfected and worried about making the team look at bad? Don’t fret! As lengthy as you store your arms high and also tight, her team will be in unison and looking good!