If you desire to reset your games save file: once you get to the screen where you select between brand-new Game, saved Game, et cetera, press B, Up, and X. This will reason your conserve data to delete, and also you will have restarted your game. Over there is likewise the Soft Reset, typically used by human being who hunt for Shiny Pokemon.

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How to Delete Save documents In Pokemon X and also Y

This an approach applies because that Pokémon X and Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby and also Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon Sun and also Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun and also Ultra Moon. To delete Pokemon save, open up your game, upon reaching the title display screen press up + choose + B . A confirmation post will appear and prompt you proceed deleting save file,

Remember, press these buttons every at the very same time, no serially. A prompt will certainly appear and also ask because that confirmation if you really desire to delete the saved game. Delete your previously saved game. To completely delete your game, pick YES. As soon as you confirm, Pokémon Platinum will certainly reload and also your previous video game progress will certainly be deleted.

To delete the save file, begin the game. As soon as on the title screen, push Up, B and Select in ~ the exact same time. Then the game will questioning if you desire to delete the save file.

Deleting A Save document In Pokemon Platinum

I have actually an problem in that as soon as I visited go come the underground ns am told when the video game tries to save that there is a pre-existing record which have the right to be deleted at the start food selection by pressing up+select+B button. I have tried this and it has not worked. The .sav record for the video game is not external and also doesn’t show up in the folder therefore I do not feeling confident enough to shot to walk in myself and delete it for fear of messing up the game. Ns do have actually a conserve state of whereby I am and also want to be in the game so that as soon as I remove the difficult save record I can save my game and continue as I desire to and would really enjoy assist with this difficulty as once I win the upstream 4 the game will pressure a save and also will climate fail and also I will be again be unable to progress so I would really gain if someone could aid me through this problem.

EDIT: ns am utilizing the most current version of desmume if the helps in ~ all.

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How execute You Delete A video game In Pokemon Platinum

To fully delete your game, pick YES. When you confirm, Pokémon Platinum will certainly reload and your previous video game progress will be deleted. Restart Pokémon Platinum. ~ the video game reloads, press Start top top the title display to continue to the video game menu. Congratulations! You have the right to now produce a brand-new game and choose i m sorry starter Pokémon come use!

Pokemon Platinum Gameshark Codes and also Pokemon Platinum understand Code:


In Pokémon Trading map Game and also Pokémon card GB2: here Comes Team GR!, the player conserves using the Diary command native the menu. Saving takes a significantly quick amount that time, compared to the core series games that the first couple of generations.

When the player choose “Diary”, both games ask because that confirmation prior to saving:

“Would you prefer to save a Diary?” Yes: “ created in the Diary.” No: “Nothing was taped in the Diary.”

Both games automatically save the progress of the current card duel, there is no warning. If the player transforms off either game throughout a duel, the player will have the ability to either resume the duel later on or return native the critical save allude as usual. If the player choose the latter, the duel progression data will certainly be deleted.

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In both games, if the player wishes to start a brand-new game however there is already a conserved game, the player will certainly be required to erase the old data prior to playing the new game.