I posted my resume top top Dice.com. My task search is over, and also I would prefer it to be unavailable to employers. Clearly Dice is more interested in obtaining Resumes than deleting them, therefore they haven"t made it obvious.

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How execute I un-post mine resume, preferably without deleting the information?



Select Dashboard in the top navigation barSelect modify Profile ~ above the peak right of your profileClick or slide the bar, simply under the “Done” switch on the optimal right, native Searchable “Yes” come Searchable “No”Select a reason in the pop-up box and click Yes, not SearchableClick done to complete the readjust


Log into DiceGo come Profile; 2b. Click on On right Hand next there is a switch for SearchableTurn come No your resume is no an ext Searchable on Dice

As that February 2017, you require to:

Log into DiceGo to ProfileClick ~ above Edit ProfileUnderneath your Name and attend to fields you need to see a slider labeling Searchable. Click this and select Yes, not Searchable.Click Done

From there, you have to be great to go.

I keep getting calls and emails weeks to month after picking "Not Searchable", so i uploaded a text record named "Not right now in the Market.txt" in lieu that a resume.

come delete her profile you have the right to click the MyResume tab at the top of her MyDice Welcome page. From here choose your resume and click Delete to the right.

If you would prefer to remove your complete Dice account, please email united state at techsupport
dice.com with your Dice Userid email.

From http://community.dice.com/t5/Customer-Support/Resume-on-Dice/m-p/152250/highlight/true, hope the helps :)

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