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You space at a restaurant. There space a full of 3 people(including you). Currently you bespeak a pizza and also the trouble is the all three(including you) want equal parts. You have only a knife.

How execute you cut the pizza in 3 equal parts?



Take her pizza and fold it like so to acquire the ideal lines in the crust

together you deserve to see it is now easy to equally division your pizza right into three parts. Only having a knife is no problem now!

EDIT for also edges

over there are countless origami approaches to get the pizza to be divided evenly prefer in the steps presented below.

when the edges line up properly and evenly, while folding the half circle right into a "Z" form shape, that"s as soon as you have the right to make a an excellent crease into the crust and also can then continue with the knife!

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At the risk this is no the to plan solution, however here goes.

We room assuming:

you know the exact center allude of the pizzayou have actually a piece of clean string, equal to at least the pizza"s radius. (dental floss?)

cut a right line native the facility of the circle come the outer edge. Where the line would extend to the various other outer edge, don"t cut the entire line, but make a marking cut on the external edge. Currently take your item of string, and "measure" the radius the pizza (along the reduced you very first made). Using stated lenght, use that as a radius, native the "marking cut" girlfriend made on opposing side. You have the right to use that to find two intersecting points with a one radius r indigenous the "marking cut" allude with the one edge. Mark those 2 points with a small cut. Now simply make right cuts native both that those brand-new "marking cuts" come the center.

Why does this work?

Cosine(60) = 1/2. Basically, the perpendicular bisector of a line cuts it in fifty percent and is simple to construct. The 2nd set of marking cuts have a cosine that 1/2 (half the radius compared to radius). 2x that angle renders a 120 degree angle in between the parts, which is what you require to form a perfect three means split ~ above a 360 degree circle.

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Video of a comparable method:

(but utilizing measuring come spot the half, which i conveniently changed with the "use floss to develop the perpendicular bisector" thingy): Youtube video

EDIT:This would likewise work if girlfriend think you have actually proficient eyesight to spot the middle of a heat perfectly, and also can yet perfectly perpendicular without any type of assistance.