Dr. Cutting board Fetzer Clark, or simply Tom Clark, a aboriginal of Elizabethtown, phibìc Carolina, i graduated from Davidson university in 1949 v a degree in English. He continued his education and learning receiving a Bachelor's in Divinity indigenous Union Theological Seminary and also a Ph.D. In Theology from university of Aberdeen in Scotland. Thomas likewise trained in sculpture in ~ Roberts school of art in Aberdeen, the Museum college of arts in Boston Massachusetts, and at City and also Guilds that London school of Art. Before ending up being a professor in ~ Davidson College, he offered briefly together a missionary in the Appalachian Mountains.

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Tom Clark gnomes

Religion played vital role in what the taught and also the gnomes i beg your pardon he at some point sculpted to actors a magic spell end the country's collectibles market. Dr. Clark's father went to Davidson, together did other family members. As a matter of reality he was awarded the identified Alumni Award at Davidson university in 1989, exactly forty year after his father had actually received his."When Professor Tom Clark '49 began sculpturing an ext than 40 years ago, the dug clay native the creek in the middle of Patterson Fraternity Court ~ above the north side of Davidson's campus. In 1958 Clark had actually just come to Davidson as an assistant professor the religion. Clark, that eventually became an combine professor, doesn't have actually time to destruction his own clay anymore due to the fact that his sculpture has led him from what to be 'Nothing yet a hobby' come what is now 'a large business,' that said." -Connie McLean '80 Dr. Clark left Davidson university in 1985 to dedicate his time to the Gnome business with Cairn Studio. "I am a an innovative person, and sometimes an innovative people choose me don't right in fine in structured organizations like college. For me, that is really satisfying come have human being come right into my Davidson shop or right into a dealer's and also pick the end a statue since they choose it. They're not just coming to watch me because they've operation out that the permitted course absences because that the quarter," Dr. Clark point out out with a wry smile. What really inspired him to sculpture gnomes were drawings in the 1976 bestselling book Gnomes by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet. He occurred to come throughout the Dutch book during the summer of 1978 whereby he was a storyteller for a boy's camp.With your antique look, the Woodspirits became really popular among collectors. Among Clark"s fans, several of the most famous were former very first lady Barbara Bush, gibbs Bob Newhart, and best-selling author Stephen King. Part avid collectors were also known to collection multiples the the same gnome, but with different paint schemes. Clark offered each statue a name and also a story and surreptitiously put a coin what on it.While in his nineties and no longer making gnomes, Tom Clark"s arts is quiet a staple in countless homes.


When new, Tom Clark gnomes usually cost in between $20 and $60, and 2ndhand collectors" items start at $5 and can go approximately $500 or more.

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Tom Clark value and also price guide

What"s her Tom Clark worth in 2021? here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title date Price
Tom Clark 7 Up turtle 1984 rare Artist08/2021$ 378.46
Tom Clark Gnome 13 PUPPY LOVE 29 COA07/2021$ 524.03
Collection of Tom Clark Gnome Figurines08/2021$ 459.98
Tom Clark 9 computer Nativity Figurine Set09/2021$ 406.41
Cairn Studios Tom Clark Abraham Lincoln08/2021$ 407.58
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